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iPhone 5 Available For Straight Talk, Softcapped Data Not Truly Unlimited

January 16, 2013 |

Recently, big box giant, Walmart, announced that the iPhone 5 is going to be available via Straight Talk. Walmart’s Straight Talk is a no-contract, prepaid plan that sports unlimited voice, text and data. Unfortunately for the bargain hunters out there, … Read More

Cheap iPhone: When Does No Not Mean No?

January 11, 2013 |

Whether you just refer to it as a cheap iPhone or the long-fabelled iPhone mini, there are strong reasons to believe and/or hope Apple could ship one and soon. Fundamentally, iPhone market would soar with the availability of sub-$200 sans … Read More

Apple could launch iPhone Mini to counter Samsung mobile growth

January 4, 2013 |

According to an analyst, Apple will create a much cheaper variant of the iPhone, for the parts of the world that don’t want to pay $500 on top of contact for an iPhone, like China.

We suspect that this … Read More

‘iPhone Mini’ Is Coming According to Analyst

January 4, 2013 |

According to Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston, Apple is planning on releasing an ‘iPhone Mini’. If you recall, Samsung released a ‘mini’ smartphone version of the Galaxy S3 and Apple released a mini version of their iPad last year. Although … Read More

iPhone 5S to come in June with multiple colours

January 2, 2013 |

The iPhone 5 was only released a few months ago, but eager Apple fans are already yearning for the next edition of the smartphone. Apple may bring the next version out with a some incremental performance and display upgrades … Read More

When is iPhone 5s coming out? Let the Speculation Begin!

January 1, 2013 |

Apple analysts and predictions are a dime a dozen in most cases, however, the one analyst who got it right when he made predictions about the iPhone 4s has released a statement about his guesses for the iPhone 5s. With … Read More

Apple at CES 2013: Where Rumor Reigns

December 31, 2012 | 4

Will Apple announce the iPhone nano or iPad 5 at CES 2013? Assuming those iThings even exist, no. Here is a quick study of how the world’s most valuable company will dominate the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 without a booth … Read More

Apple Security: Mac, iPhone Safer Than Ever?

December 30, 2012 | 2

Whether considering specific threats or the big existential picture, there is no better time to own a Mac or iOS device. Sounds nice, but is Apple security good enough for users to let down their guard? Here’s a quick look … Read More

China iPad mini Demand Called ‘Insatiable’

December 28, 2012 | 2

Completely sold out. China iPad mini demand is off the charts with the 7.9-inch tablet unavailable pretty much everywhere over there. Moreover, Apple has reclaimed the top-selling smartphone crown in the Middle Kingdom following the release of the iPhone 5. … Read More

Is an iPhone Smartwatch Necessary?

December 28, 2012 |

Rumors have started to surface regarding a partnership between Intel and Apple to launch an iPhone smartwatch. The device would likely connect with your iPhone through Bluetooth and be able to receive emails and check messages.

There is certainly support … Read More

iPhone Hacks: Auxo Redesigns Multitasking for iOS

December 24, 2012 | 1

The iPhone can do a lot of things, but because of Apple’s policy on software there can be limitations. This in turn has led many to jailbreak their iPhones and iPods in order to gain access to software that … Read More

T-Mobile Strikes Deal With Apple for iPhone, Expands 4G

December 24, 2012 | 3

The grueling wait is finally over for Apple-loving T-Mobile users. One of the largest mobile carriers in the U.S. is finally striking a deal with Apple to carry their products in 2013.

Announced on Thursday in their final-quarter financial statement, … Read More

New iPhone 5 variant unveiled?

December 20, 2012 |

If you’ve been holding your breath for the iPhone 5S, you may end up turning blue and passing out because reports are now suggesting that the next version of the iPhone won’t be following Apple’s normal naming conventions.

Read More

iPhone 5 Has Success in China, Stock Still Gets Downgraded

December 17, 2012 |

On Friday, Apple released the iPhone 5 in China. In just three days, over 2 million iPhone 5s had been sold, which is record breaking for Apple. CEO Tim Cook commented on the successful weekend by saying “Customer response to … Read More

Google Maps for iOS to Launch Tonight (Updated – Now Live)

December 12, 2012 |

Could the wait for Google’s iOS Maps app be over? Quoting “anonymous sources”, AllThingsD are reporting that Google’s long-awaited Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad is set to launch on the App Store tonight.

Google’s Maps app for iOS was … Read More