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iPhone 5S Coming in June with Fingerprint Technology?

April 12, 2013 | 4

Rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5S continue to swirl, with the latest research note from Topeka analyst Brian White suggesting that the iPhone 5S will launch alongside a new, cheaper iPhone Mini this June.

The report came following White’s … Read More

iPhone Is Not Cool? Teens Say Otherwise

April 10, 2013 | 1

It seems everyone with an axe to grind has something bad to say about Apple and the refrain goes like this — innovation is dead because the company is mired in malaise without Steve Jobs and, hence, its best … Read More

More Yahoo services will be coming to iOS

April 9, 2013 |

A new report suggests that Apple could include more Yahoo features in iOS

Yahoo and Apple have been partnered up for a while now due to their common interest of going up against Google.  Up to this point, Apple has … Read More

iOS 7 Features: A Vision of the Future

April 8, 2013 | 3

Are you ready for Mission Control on your iPhone and iPad? How about quick access to commonly used settings, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, screen brightness and airplane mode? Apple may or may not be working on these desirable iOS 7 features, … Read More

iPhone 5S Pictures Show Curved Design

April 6, 2013 | 2

As real as the unicorn tears used to create it. Hardly a day goes by without a story about a new and interesting Apple patent. Generally speaking, that’s the last we ever see or hear of it as very … Read More

iPhone vs Android: Why It Doesn’t Matter

April 5, 2013 | 5

Android is losing marketshare and the iPhone is totally killing it, right? Whereas the fandroids and iPhonies can certainly spin the iPhone vs Android data to their advantage, the fundamental fact remains that everyone wins when there’s plenty of … Read More

Translucent iPhone: Will Apple Revisit G3 iMac?

April 3, 2013 | 1

Steve Jobs and the original iMac saved Apple. Although neither Apple nor its market leading smartphone need saving, per se, delivering a lost-cost, translucent iPhone swathed in fresh, vibrant colors could prove to be a master stroke.

Back in … Read More

Apple iPhone 5 Jailbreak Allows AT&T Users to Switch to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network

March 29, 2013 |

iPhone 5 on T-Mobile

T-Mobile announcing it would be carrying the iPhone 5 in April marked a notable moment for its long-time users. Apple fans who couldn’t wait for the carrier to hop on the bandwagon have … Read More

iOS Cydia Tweak “Vexil” For Ultimate Customization

March 29, 2013 |

If you have been wanting to change the look of your entire lock screen, Vexil offers various different customization’s. This is a new tweak released on the forever growing Cydia store,

This new tweak, created by Smartviper E75, lets the user customize the color on … Read More

T-Mobile iPhone 5 for $100 Coming, Limited LTE Rolls

March 26, 2013 |

And, they went and done it. Seven LTE metros, a rather tempting T-Mobile iPhone 5 (April 12) price and “unlimited” plans starting at $50 a month, all offered up sans contract. If you’ve been hating AT&T and waiting for T-Mobile … Read More

‘Eyes-Free’ Siri Integration Hits the Road in New Chevy Ad

March 25, 2013 |

Last Thursday, VH1 started airing a new ad for Chevy touting the Sonic compact’s Eyes-Free Siri integration, making the Detroit-based company the first carmaker to advertise the new feature.

And advertise they have.

According to Sean Muller, CEO and … Read More

First iPhone 5S Parts Appear?

March 24, 2013 |

With an iPhone 5S release date expected sometime in Q3 of this year, the Apple rumor mill is well and truly beginning to heat up. After months of speculation, the first credible iPhone 5S parts leak has been posted … Read More

iPhone 5S Update – Everything You Need to Know

March 22, 2013 | 1

Apple’s iPhone 5S will be released later this year, although the exact timing of the launch is still a matter of much speculation. According to a recent report via DigiTimes, Apple’s component suppliers are due to commence shipping parts … Read More

Top 5 Smartphone Satisfaction? iPhone Rules Again

March 21, 2013 |

Look out, Apple — Samsung’s coming for ya! Actually, not so much. The laughably bad Galaxy S IV launch and frankly squirrelly features the device offers underscore just how dominant Apple and the iPhone really are. Another reminder comes from … Read More

iPhone 5S Camera, Chip, Release Date Roundup

March 21, 2013 |

Come the end of May, components for this year’s Apple smartphone revision are expected to begin shipping from suppliers to assembler Foxconn. Although the details are thin, there is some iPhone 5S camera and chip (pulpless) juice here to be … Read More