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iOS 6.1 Golden Master Testing, Dev Release Coming Soon


With outstanding wi-fi connection, battery life and, of course, iPhone Maps issues dogging iOS 6, which was released on September 19, 2012, Apple has a lot to prove with iOS 6.1. As of this writing, the Cupertino, California-based company is internally testing what is expected to be the Golden Master release and the developer seed could happen as soon as today.

Germany’s iFun (Google Translation) is reporting that the iOS 6.1 Golden Master is testing inside Apple. Assuming this version indeed gets seeded to devs as the GM, it would be fifth beta release.

iOS 6.1 brings to previous findings, no major changes, but mainly deals with bug fixes and optimizations in the areas of connectivity and interface. In the last pre-release Apple turns according to our information only gently to the fine adjustments. We think it is quite possible that Apple today or on Monday evening, the next development version releases.

A November write up about iOS 6.1 indicated that Apple would refresh the iOS Maps API with tweaks to boost local discovery in the oft maligned, but frankly rather good, Maps app.

Apple is also expected to address long-standing wi-fi connectivity and battery life issues, as well.

via AppleInsider

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