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iOS 7.1.1 Is Coming, Cheap iPhone 5c Already There

iOS 7.1.1 Is Coming, Cheap iPhone 5c Is Already There

| On 17, Apr 2014

image2 iOS 7.1.1 Is Coming, Cheap iPhone 5c Is Already There
When I see the future, I close my eyes and sometime soon Apple will deliver iOS 7.1.1 Update, a yawner for iPhone owners but the stuff of fandroid envy. And, no matter how much some of us wish it were here, the cheap 8GB iPhone 5c will likely only sell over there.

Yes, boy and girls, iOS 7.1.1 Update is being readied by Craig Federighi’s mobile software minions. No one outside of Cupertino seems to know what it is in iOS 7.1.1, but the simple fact of the matter is that it’s showing up in server logs.

Bug fixes? Prolly that and little if anything more.

For the Apple faithful, these little mobile operating system updates are just so ordinary, so mundane. For Android device owners, especially devices more than a year old, such updates are nearly as rare as hen’s teeth.

Just saying.

Wanna Cheap iPhone 5c

One area where Android always beats iPhone is selection. Whereas Apple now offers cheap 8GB iPhone 5c is available in more than a dozen countries — Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland — folks here in the US, the land of milk and honey nut Cheerios will never have the privilege.

Who the heck would want an 8GB iPhone 5c? Well, who the heck stores anything on their smartphones anymore? I’d rather keep the $50 or €50 difference in my pocket.

While there are certainly people capable of shooting feature-length studio quality movies and documentaries on an iPhone 4 or newer, that isn’t me or anyone I know.

Seriously, Apple, give us an 8GB iPhone 5c for cheap in the US and we will buy it…

What’s your take?

  • s fr

    Apple updates so often because they are constantly trying to plug the holes that are being used to jailbreak the system. Android fans don’t need to go through the hassle.

  • oldstupid

    Double points to you for being double stupid!! Everything Apple does can be explained in juxtaposition to Android something, because your smartphone brand choice is the axis on which the Earth turns. Effing moron…

  • s fr

    yeah. I don’t even own a smart phone, Android or Apple. y’all suckers