Apple will never make an iPod with video playback, said Steve Jobs. Obviously, the company not only produced a video iPod, they’ve also did an about face vis-a-vis 7-inch tablets. Part of what makes Apple brilliant is its ability to turn on a dime. That said, many observers are discounting the possibility of an even larger — 4.8 inch — fruit flavored smartphone come June, but the iPhone Math is a beautiful idea nonetheless.

Tapscape was among the first to break the iPhone Math story. However, the news was greater by a lot of skepticism, but the truth of the matter is still unclear.

What’s in a name? Clearly, if Apple does announce and ship a 4.8-inch smartphone model, it quite obviously won’t be marketed as the “iPhone Math.” That just won’t happen.

Assuming such a device is even real — Apple most assuredly has developed large-size iPhone prototypes — perhaps “Math” is just an internal codename.

Why would Apple offer a 5-inch class device? Simple, Samsung’s Galaxy S III, among others, has shown that consumers really like the form factor and that such devices offer unique advantages.

iPhone Math: A Stupid Cool Product

Yes, holding a Galaxy S III up to your head does look stupid, but who makes phone calls anymore? Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook said yesterday that Apple had put a lot of effort into getting the iPhone 5 size right — useable in one hand — and pooh-poohed the idea of going large.

Fundamentally, Apple isn’t a company that obsesses over speeds and feeds, let alone bullet points or products they could sell just to make money. However, Apple is a company that focuses on customer needs and people really like bigger smartphones and/or phablets.

Personally, I really like the idea of the iPhone Math and, given that my contract will be up soon, waiting for a 4.8-inch iPhone would be worthwhile if one were coming…

Are you willing to wait for a 4.8-inch iPhone?

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  1. I will not get that, I have the 4 but if Apple thinks going to 4.8″ vertically is the way to go I will be done with the iPhone. I have all apple products at this point, in fact, my whole family does but making it taller is such a dumb idea.

  2. Not sure how this is going to work with the resolution. I mean the iPhones have kept the same screen resolution (or neat multiples of) up until the iPhone 5, and the apps have had to be rewritten to handle that. I cant imagine them going to a ~5″ form without having to rework the resolutions – particularly if they want to cling to the “retina” marketing term.

  3. Stretching the current resolution another .8 inches and still maintain the retina ppi? Hats off to them if they can pull that off, but they’ll need to change the resolution for it to look half decent. Otherwise, they’d have just ‘stretched’ the resolution with the iPhone 5. Someone who knows about these things made that decision for a reason.

  4. Is this that’s left of apple innovation? Taller, smaller, rounder, thiner(maybe), square….I am so disappointed in apple. Consumers are not stupid, the switch of color, size does not amuse us anymore.

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