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Report: Nokia Lumia 920 battery issues due to NFC?



Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow

NFC may have been one of the features a lot of people were excited about on the Nokia Lumia 920 but some users are now thinking it may actually be more trouble than its worth. Recent tests suggests that the NFC-capability is contributing to the Nokia Lumia 920’s terrible battery life.

Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow

Nokia Lumia 920 users are reporting inconsistent life on their Windows Phone 8 device; some are saying they’re able to last barely half a day while others chugged along just fine. After some tests, the NFC feature has been identified as one of the possible culprits for this. WPCentral reports:

“We had a few suggestions to disable the NFC to improve battery performance. Yesterday, with NFC enabled, my Lumia 920’s battery only lasted six hours before drying up.  The 920 also got warm throughout the morning. Today, after disabling the NFC the Lumia had 62% battery life remaining after ten hours and I didn’t experience any warm spells.

“Just out of curiosity, I enabled the NFC a few minutes ago and sure enough, the back of the Lumia 920 became warm and battery life started to fade. In the matter of ten minutes the battery meter went from 62% to 59%.”

The report admits that the test was in no way scientific. However, Nokia Lumia 920 users experiencing issues have nothing to lose by trying to disable their NFC to see if it improves their battery life.

We’re currently awaiting a response from Nokia and Microsoft regarding the issue. Be sure to check back for more updates.

Are you experiencing battery problems with your Nokia Lumia 920? Did turning off the NFC make any difference? Let us know in the comments below!