technology trend in 2018

Business builders who pay attention to hot technology trends have a distinct advantage over their competitors. Understanding new technologies and uncovering applications for your business means you can leap-frog over your competitors who aren’t savvy enough to use these new tech tools to their advantage. There are a number of hot tech trends in 2018 business builders should be incorporating into their company’s business development plans.

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Check out the following top tech trends for 2018 to see which ones can give you a powerful advantage over others in your business’ sector:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is poised to explode in 2018. From the apps you use to run your business to the technology vendors offer you, AI will be everywhere. The sooner business builders become accustomed to the power and potential of artificial intelligence, the sooner they can use it to out-perform their competitors.


The internet of things continues to be a hot technology trend in 2018. An increasing number of devices and appliances are becoming internet-enabled, providing a huge opportunity for smart business builders to use IoT data to better understand their businesses. The more you investigate the data being created via your IoT devices, the more you can use that data to develop better ways of running your business.

Conversational Commerce

 Conversational commerce is one of 2018’s hottest tech trends. Major players like Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft all have voice-activated tools for consumers and business builders. Integrating voice-activated technology into your e-commerce strategy is critical for long-term growth. Allowing your customers to purchase from your business via voice inputs can give you a significant lead over your less-savvy competitors.


Blockchain technology is another hot trend in 2018. Understanding how blockchain technology works and discovering blockchain-enabled tools ( you can use to grow your company will allow you to outshine competitors who haven’t investigated the potential of blockchain technology. While some business builders are frightened at the thought of integrating cryptocurrency into their business growth strategy, smart business owners are making it their mission to understand the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency and using their new-found wisdom as a growth lever.

The more you understand about 2018’s top technology trends, the better prepared you’ll be to use these hot trends to accelerate growth for your company.