3 Ways An SEO Audit Can Help You With Future Clients

SEO is becoming more and more important in the competitive online market, and other companies are also upping their SEO efforts. So how can you stand out and outpace your competition?

You can always hire a marketing company, such as the experts at Linkgraph.io, to provide on page SEO services if you need the boost. Regardless, you should audit your website to see what’s working and what’s not working. Here are three ways an SEO audit can help you with future clients.

What’s working and what’s not working

An SEO audit will show you what’s working and what’s not working. Does your website load properly? If your website speed is slow and it takes longer than expected for certain pages to load, then that could lead to potential customers having a bad experience. And they can then easily search the internet for a similar product or service on a more efficient website.

Perhaps some of your links aren’t working. An SEO audit can point those types of problems (and other technical difficulties) out. If your site’s links aren’t working properly, or if it has spammy backlinks, then that will show in your audit. This is important because, simply put, you have to learn how to link build if you want to increase your SEO ranking and results.

Luckily, link building services do exist, where you can hire another company to help you implement link building best practices. This way, you can focus on your company’s primary product or service while your website is cleaned up behind the scenes.

Website performance and search engine optimization

Expanding on the point above, an SEO audit will also evaluate your website’s performance on desktop and mobile devices. Website performance optimization is important because your website should be user-friendly on all platforms. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then that’s a serious issue as many people browse the internet and receive their information on their phones.

Search engine optimization is important because it allows you to implement strategies that actually work as opposed to following the latest trends that can be misleading. A website audit can help you put your customer’s experience first by monitoring these two areas.

It can help you build a content strategy

Creating a content strategy isn’t easy, but an SEO audit can help you take all of the information you learn and devise a new strategy that actually works, while targeting your problem areas and building off of the strategies that are working.

Perhaps this information shows that you need to find better links and repurpose your backlinks. In that case, you can take link building courses or search the internet for enterprise link building. Although, again, it’s often easier to simply hire a third party to help with that, rather than hiring or training your own employees for the job.

You might need to beef up your meta descriptions or headlines. Whatever the case might be, an SEO audit can help you figure out what your website needs to run and rank better, and you can create a new content strategy based on what the audit tells you.

All of this information can help you with future clients because an audit helps you optimize your site and make necessary improvements you need to keep things running smoothly. This can lead to your site being more appealing, easier to use, and also easier to find on search engines.

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