Deleting Photos Form iPhone

Taking photos from the iPhone is the most used thing in 2018 because the iPhone provides the world’s best camera and no need to buy the digital camera if you have an iPhone. Nowadays every one takes photos to remember all the precious things and time of their life. But taking too many photos is the big problem when you are selling your iPhone to other person and you don’t want that other person see your personal photos or leaked it.

So don’t worry I will explain all the methods to delete photos permanently from your iPhone. Actually manually deleted photos from iPhone and another person can restore your all photos. To delete photos permanently you have to use some tool and I will explain all the methods and tools In this article so read carefully

#1: Delete All Photos By Factory Reset

The second method to delete photos from your iPhone is that factory reset. This method will delete all your photos and erase all your data from the iPhone but it’s not safe because everything will be recovered by the data recovery tool so I suggest you that use this method only for personal use.

Steps to delete iPhone photos by Factory Reset

  • Go to settings
  • Select the option called general
  • Select the option named as “Reset”
  • Option “Erase All Contents and Settings”
  • Again click on the “Erase iPhone”


Now your all data will be deleted from your iPhone, but as I mentioned above that if any person use recovery tool ,then there is a chance that he recovers your all deleted data from your iPhone

#2: Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone without recovery

SafeWiper For iOS is the best data wiper tool of 2018 and the best part of this tool is that iPhone data can be deleted by it permanently, after deleting data there is no option to recover all your data and no one recovers your deleted data ,so the best and safe method to delete photos from your iPhone is that to use the SafeWiper .

Steps to delete photos from iPhone with SafeWiper

  • Get SafeWiper and install on computer (Download from SafeWiper tutorial)
  • Connect your iPhone to computer and detect it
  • Select photos that you wan
  • Start erasing photos for iPhone


This tool will provide the different options to delete iPhone photos so that the deleted photos can no longer be recovered , so be careful before deleting these iPhone photos .

#3: Delete iPhone Photos from iTunes

The third method of deleting photos is that from iPhone is create a dummy backup from the iTunes software and restore the iPhone. iTunes software help you to completely reset your iPhone like as new iPhone all the steps are given below to delete photos from the iPhone

Steps to delete photos from iPhone with iTunes

  • Download the latest version of the iTunes software
  • Connect your iPhone with the computer and automatically launch it
  • Click the iPhone icon to choose the photos on iTunes
  • Open “Sync Photos ”and Click “Copy Photos from ” (Don’t select any photos)
  • Click “Apply”button ,

Now after all the programs are done , all photos saved on iPhone will be overwritten and all the previous data will be deleted.Conclusion:All the method I mentioned in this article is the best method in different situations you can select your method. But if you want to delete permanently then use SafeWiper because it is the best tool and delete all your photos permanently no one can restore your photos from iPhone after deleting from SafeWiper software.

Sure , iPhone data like the text messages ,music ,contacts WhatsApp chat record,videos and other data can be deleted with Safewiper .

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