Home Security Mobile Apps

A Safesound Personal Alarm is a reliable way to stay safe whenever you’re out and about. The small device emits a loud, siren-like noise when triggered, which calls to attention nearby individuals and lets them know that you’re in danger and in need of help. More than that, the alarm disorients potential perpetrators and scares them off.

State-of-the-art camera systems can give you the same sense of security when you need added protection at your place of residence. Download one of the best home security mobile apps to help you make the most out of home monitoring and ensuring your family’s safety.


Vivint is a popular brand known for providing excellent home security. Basic equipment packages include professional installation, sensors and access to the Vivint Sky app for an all-in-one home integration.

The app itself is quick and shows alerts almost in real time. Moreover, it can control smart appliances, lighting and thermostat, show live video feed of your cameras, lock and unlock doors remotely, set custom alerts and notifications and lets you review alert history anytime.


XFINITY is more than just cable, phone and internet. It also has a robust home security with an equally definitive security app. You get automatic alerts sent straight to your mobile device or computer, view live clips of key events and either arm or disarm sensors on command. Climate control and lighting can be accessed 24/7.

SimpliSafe Security Systems

What can you expect from an award-winning home security company? Total peace of mind.

Users get the full plethora of alerts, including fire, flood and carbon monoxide, an event log where you can see who has entered and left your home, 24/7 access to designated “sensitive” areas, such as the medicine, liquor or jewelry cabinet, and settings for controlling thermostat.

Frontpoint Mobile App

Frontpoint is a simple, easy to use home security app for your Android, iOS or Windows phone. With it, you can view either recorded or live streaming video, real-time alerts and push notifications, and complete home automation options. Arm or disarm key sensors with one button push and in less than a minute.

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