Start Selling and Profit From Amazon FBA

How would you like to have the option of free 2-day shipping for your customers?

Amazon FBA allows you to do just that. By joining the program, you can piggyback on industry-leading logistics and increase customer satisfaction on the items you sell.

Here’s to get you started:

1. Create An Amazon Account

Setting up your own Amazon Seller Account is easy- all you need is a bank account and a phone number.

Head to the Amazon Seller Registration page and fill out all the important information. You can still set up a personal account for later as you get a feel for the FBA platform.

2. List A Product

Seasoned and beginner sellers alike love to sell on Amazon FBA because it’s so easy, but you’ll still have the option of selling products and completing customer fulfillments from your home. First timers can do this method first to get a feel for online marketplaces and selling in general. Go ahead and list a product, whether it be sportswear, footwear, women’s accessories or books, kitchen items and food.

Make sure to choose the option that says “I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell”, which is equal to “I want to use the FBA option”.

3. Discover Private Labels

A thorough Amazon FBA product research gives you an idea of what products are more likely to sell. You’ll need to take full advantage of the trends and market movement in order to maximize your passive income! Every minute you spend learning about private labels is time well spent.

Discover a profitable product, find a reliable manufacturer and send it through Amazon FBA.

4. Sit Back and Gain Profits

Once your items are sent to Amazon the product listing should appear. All you have to do now is relax and watch as your products sell on the marketplace. In-demand items should fly off the virtual shelves, leaving you with cash on hand to repeat the process again.

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