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According to data from Live Internet Stats, there are over 1.9 billion websites now and their number grows by the second. Even though less than a third of them are active, the competition for any business trying to carve a place for itself online is huge. The cost of developing a website today ranges from $500 to well over $50,000 and any developer who wants to get more clients has to find ways to make their services more affordable. Luckily, there are many ways to cut costs of website development without reducing the quality of the site itself. Not all of them are directly tied to web design, but a good developer should be able to offer important money-saving advice to their clients.

4 Tips on How to Cut Costs of Web Development and Get a Top-Quality Website Still

1. Using an existing template

The cheapest way to build a website is to use one already built and adjust it to a new brand. Having a stock of versatile templates is essential for any developer that wants to work with small businesses as this enables the company to provide fast and affordable services.

There are entire libraries of templates and themes for any web building platform. You can also use marketplaces where one can purchase original templates developed by designers at a fraction of a custom project’s cost.

2. Cutting the cost of hosting

To get a cheaper website one can choose a cheaper hosting service and the leftover money from the budget can be invested into developing a higher grade website project. The majority of top hosting providers offer affordable signup rates, but those tend to go up upon the contract renewal.

One can use special offers and discounts to get a lower price. Hunting for the best offer will allow the business owner to maximize their savings and thus use their budget most efficiently.

3. Using commercial solutions to cut costs

Much like with the template, using commercial web solutions, like plugins, allows to cut the costs of web development greatly. That’s proven by Alexander Pirinsky’s example of one of his company’s cases published in Forbes. Using this method they managed to cut the costs from the initially estimated $130,000-150,000 to $47,000.

The key to such cuts is negotiating with the client and finding the way to minimize the use of custom solutions for the projects. The necessary website functionality should be negotiated first so the developer can then focus on finding the most affordable ways to achieve this.

4. Be a minimalist

Minimalism is the trend in modern web design, which is great for everyone who wants to save money. Note that the developer should use minimalism not only in graphical design of the pages. It’s also important to apply the same principle of ‘less is better’ for the website’s functionality.

A minimalist website with a few pages, a couple of important plugins, and well-optimized and strategically placed visuals will be more affordable by default. It will also load faster and have fewer risks of crashing. This immediately gives the website a SEO boost.

The website owner should also be aware of how much content they want to fill the website with. It might be best to keep the pages simple and offer more product/service details in an email or a video. The latter is a particularly good idea considering the marketing success of video content.

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