5 iTuTools Will Change Your Life

iTunes is the best way to play movies, music, TV, and audiobooks anywhere at anytime. But there are tools that can make it even more incredible. If you aren’t using these 5 tools, your life isn’t nearly as awesome and convenient as it could be.

iTunes is amazing. But sometimes it has us shaking our heads thinking “man, I wish it did more”.

Well, with these 5 3rd-party tools it can.

         1) Freemake Video Converter: Rip DVDs to iTunes. Watch Anywhere. Win Life.

Downloading movies to watch on iTunes is awesome, but what if you could upload your entire DVD collection to the cloud and watch on your phone or tablet any time you wanted?

There are a few decent tools for pulling movies off of DVD but most don’t maintain the quality or are way too hard to use. That’s why we love Freemake so much.

Freemake video converter is by far the most powerful and convenient way of ripping DVD to AVI, MP4, etc. Unlike most convertors, it’s extremely easy to use even if you have no experience with similar programs or aren’t tech savvy (like us!). The best part? It actually maintains the original quality.

If you’ve got an awesome DVD collection (people still watch these, right?), it’s a no-brainer. Once the file is in iTunes, just connect your phone and sync. Now you’ve got DVD-quality movies right in the palm of your hand.

Oh, and it’s FREE.

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      2)  SuperSync: Manage All of Your iTunes Libraries from Anywhere

 If you have multiple iTunes libraries, SuperSync is a must-have. DJs, audiophiles, and musicians across the world use it to sync up their iTunes libraries and access them from anywhere on the go, but it’s for more than just music pros.

SuperSync is a professional-quality application for people who live and breathe music and video. It seamlessly allows you to compare, merge, organize, and share files across your Macs, PCs, and NAS devices.

Now you can avoid duplicate files, backup files, analyze and repair problems with your libraries, get some nifty tools that let you explore, and learn more about your music (like lyrics, music videos, and related artists).

      3) iFlicks: Tag Files to Know What You’re Watching

Once you’ve ripped movies and shows into your iTunes library, it would probably help to know what you’re watching. Having the files themselves is great, but you’ll need a tagging tool to display them properly.

iFlicks is $20 but well worth the money. It’s clean, Mac-friendly interface is a dream, and it can seamlessly transcode video from one format to another AND tag your media files with useful metadata. You can add:

  • Artwork
  • Genres
  • Episode title and numbers
  • Taglines
  • Descriptions 

And a lot more.

Also, it can take files that Apple can’t understand and make them playable on Apple TV. It can even take videos and convert them to smaller ones to save space. It’s definitely a game changer.

     4) NepTunes: Enhance Your Music Experience

If you’re anything like us, you listen to a ton of music to get through the work day. NepTunes is about to take that to the next level (and waste a ton of your productivity if you let it!).

NepTunes is a music enhancement app and scrobbler that’s lightweight and reliable. Once you download it, you’ll see a little box above your nav bar that contains an image of the album, song, and artist.

What we really love about the app is that it lets you share on social media easily (Facebook or Twitter), “love” the track, and even move between tracks.

Want to discover music from similar artists? It lets you do that too.

5) Leawo iTunes Cleaner: Enhance iTunes Performance

Leawo iTunes cleaner is pretty awesome. Not only can it search for duplicate song files, clean up your library, and enhance iTunes speed, it can also search for missing file data and add it in.

Leawo will add missing song tags, album artwork, lyrics, titles, etc. Aside from being really powerful, its auto-scan feature makes it extremely easy to use (if you haven’t noticed, that’s a big deal for us).