5 Tips to Improve Your Life with Modern Technology

Yes, this article will also talk about ChatGPT. Well, how could it be without it? 🙂

Many people are contemplating how significantly technology will impact us in 2023.

Have you ever felt sudden anxiety after spending an hour on TikTok? Or mixed envy and boredom after seeing an Instagram post where your friends are lounging by the sea while you’re commuting to the office at 7 a.m.? What about feelings of fear and anger after reading a newsfeed filled with descriptions of the tragedies and threats facing our turbulent world?

You’ve probably noticed these things, even if only subconsciously.

In this article, I’d like to give you five simple tips on how to harness modern technology so that it works for you, not against you. If that’s even possible 🙂

Limit Your Consumption of Social Media Content

Unfortunately, social media has few benefits. The constant release of dopamine causes anxiety and emptiness.

One simple yet often overlooked solution is to turn your phone into black-and-white mode. A grey screen subconsciously makes your Instagram or TikTok feed seem less interesting, while not diminishing your consumption of useful information. For example, reading books, listening to podcasts, and communicating with loved ones or colleagues via messaging apps will still be just as convenient.

Another approach to reduce unnecessary scrolling is to set time limits on specific apps, like allowing only 15 minutes a day on Instagram.

In my personal experience, a black-and-white screen effectively curbs social media addiction by working subconsciously. Conversely, it often becomes tempting to extend app time limits, requiring conscious effort and willpower to resist.

Plan Your Day

Renowned personal effectiveness expert Brian Tracy has often stressed that planning is the cornerstone of productivity. Planning allows you to focus on your most important tasks and manage your time effectively.

I use Google Calendar for its seamless interaction with other Google apps, eliminating the need for any additional installations. However, any other calendar app will suffice for scheduling purposes.

Use ChatGPT as a Personal Assistant

Need to plan your day? Have a question? Overwhelmed by a lengthy email? Ask ChatGPT to summarise the key points in 3-5 bullet points. Need to organise chaotic data into a spreadsheet? ChatGPT can handle it in a minute!

ChatGPT can tackle a wide range of digital tasks. It can analyse a PDF file, create a video summary, suggest travel options, and even write a custom story featuring their favourite characters for your child.

You can also ask it to evaluate the objectivity of a piece of information. For example, have it check this article 🙂

Address Other Internet Addictions

Many people are reluctant to admit they spend too much time on porn sites, online casinos, or playing computer games.

While technology alone may not solve these addictions, there are tools available to help. The Gamban app works with all UK-licensed casinos to block gambling sites, and GamStop provides similar functionality.

However, these are not cure-alls; plenty of online casinos are not on Gamban’s list. But as a first step, these tools can be effective.

For those addicted to porn sites, one solution could be to find a committed partner and engage in regular physical exercise.

Video game addiction tends to wane for many people after the age of 25-30. If this hasn’t happened for you, changing your screen to grayscale might reduce its allure.

Audiobooks, Airplane Mode, and Other Life Hacks

Lastly, here are a few minor tips to boost your personal efficiency through technology:

  • Listen to audiobooks during your workout or commute, thereby combining two activities.
  • For more advanced users, try automating tasks with Zapier. If you’re unfamiliar with this tool, I suggest watching a few YouTube tutorials. For instance, you can automatically create a calendar event when you receive a specific email, or write a blog post based on a completed customer form.
  • Turn off your phone an hour before bed to improve sleep quality.
  • Consider a paid YouTube subscription to eliminate time wasted on commercials.


In our digital age, it’s essential to use technology as a tool that enhances our lives rather than diminishes them. To that end, consider adopting some or all of these strategies:

  • Switch to black-and-white mode on your phone to lessen its addictive pull.
  • Utilise Google Calendar or a similar app for effective scheduling and time management.
  • Leverage ChatGPT as a versatile personal assistant and source of counsel.
  • Curb detrimental online habits through specialised apps and by maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • Streamline your day-to-day responsibilities by automating tasks.

Your personal efficiency is too important to leave to chance. Adapt these methods into your routine and take charge of your relationship with technology.

We’re curious to hear about your own techniques. Share in the comments below which methods have helped you increase your personal efficiency.