5 Ways in Which AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing

The introduction of AI is transforming every industry in incredible ways, digital marketing. Artificial intelligence has numerous (and potentially unlimited) applications and will undoubtedly change the way we use marketing tools. Let’s take a look at 5 of the ways in which AI is already changing digital marketing.

1. Using AI in Advertising

Advertising is one of the niches where AI is enjoying the most success, and actually, artificial intelligence is already being widely used to maximize the potential of advertisements. Google and Facebook are the biggest platforms that make use of it to market to specific people.

They identify the target audience by using any information they can find, such as personal preferences and interests and other information that can be useful. This is how, for example, a new mother will be profiled to get ads for baby formula. It’s true that the system isn’t always 100% accurate, but for the most part, it does its job with a scary degree of accuracy. Imagine the potential in just a few years, and how accurately they’ll be able to pinpoint the ideal target audience for each kind of ad.

2. Using AI to Curate Content

This is one of the ways in which artificial intelligence is already being put to good use. A lot of websites are using it to curate and personalize the content you are able to view when you access a site, especially for recommendations. It’s being used both in digital retail (like Amazon) or even streaming services (like Netflix).

AI analyzes your preferences and previous behavior to establish a pattern and make recommendations based on it. And most of the time, it works! It has the potential of being used to curate the content on a single website in order to tailor it to individual users – how great would it be to access a site and only be shown content that is relevant to your interests?

3. Using AI for Content Creation

And if you thought content curation is ambitious for AI, hold onto your hats – artificial intelligence can, and does create content. Yes, there are some caveats – AI cannot, at this time, generate a full opinion piece, but it can certainly make use of existing information and date to create a report. This is work usually done by people who work remotely, but rather than replacing their jobs, AI is streamlining these processes, thus making things easier.

It can be an incredibly valuable tool that generates traffic and attracts readers. Forbes and other outlets like CBS or BBC, and even the Washington Post are already using AI to write news based on templates and keywords. You’ve probably been reading these articles for a while and haven’t even noticed they weren’t written by a person.

4. Using AI for Email Marketing

Email marketing is still alive and kicking, and it’s becoming more and more effective, thanks to AI. Like content and advertising, email marketing can be personalized to the audience’s individual tastes and preferences using artificial intelligence. We can expect this kind of targeting to become more and more accurate and refined as the technology becomes more potent.

It can already read and provide analyses of the potential customers in order to establish what kind of content to send, when is the best time to send an email, how often, what kind of titles or keywords are most likely to convince the customer to read the email and act upon it, etc. It’s easier and more ubiquitous than ever before to establish the preferences of your audience and market to them accordingly.

5. Using AI to Enhance UX (User experience)

User experience is crucial, as it directly influences how likely the person is to return to the website, how likely they are to click, purchase a product or service, etc. That is exactly why marketers are using artificial intelligence to generate a unique and personalized user experience in order to maximize the user experience and thus, the conversion rate.

This is already being used with great success, and its use will only grow, and determine even more specific and tailored results, after analyzing user behavior.

As you can see, AI is taking over the world – the digital marketing world, that is. Artificial intelligence has incredible potential in this area and we are already seeing its applications and impressive results. As the technology advances and marketers work on even more effective isolation of their target audience, we can expect to be surrounded by AI marketing in a few years.

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