6 Technological Advancements In The Fire Safety Industry

The chances of a fire hazard occurring in a residential or commercial property is lessening, thanks to emerging technology. As fire detection and suppression systems are becoming more sophisticated, more lives can be saved.

Here are some of the best fire safety systems you can get today.

Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are deployed when a sensor or alarm pick up signs of a fire. They come down and block a particular opening to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.
Curtain materials are rated and in full compliance for security and safety purposes, and some come in several designs according to your home theme, style or decor.

Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging System

Occupants on every floor are alerted whenever a fire breaks out. Some can direct people to the nearest safety exit or information that can come in handy during life-threatening situations.

Wireless Internet Connected Smoke Detector

Sensors inside these equipment can detect carbon monoxide and smoke. You can get real-time alerts regarding sensor notifications as long as your smart phone is connected to the internet.

Video Image Smoke Detector

Works like a CCTV in that users can see where the fire started and came from. Recordings begin when the sensor detects smoke, immediately sending a notification alert of a fire breaking out.

Water Mist Systems

Instead of a sprinkler, a mister spreads out fine droplets of water over a larger surface area. The water is quickly converted into steam that can absorb the heat from the flames, which ultimately helps prevent it from spreading to other rooms or floors.

ESFR Systems

ESFRs, or Early Suppression Fast Response systems are sprinklers mounted on ceilings and attached to your home’s water system. By nature, ESFRs use a large volume of water to put out fires, approximately consuming a hundred gallons per minute as long as it’s on. Moreover, the greatest advantage of this kind of fire safety system is its response time and speed in putting out the flames.

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