Brand's Facebook Page

Putting your brand on Facebook is a marketing move designed to attract more business.

How does it all start? By attracting the right kind of people and building an audience. The more Facebook fans and followers you have, the more you can initiate a “snowball effect”, where people will follow or comment just because they see you’re a popular brand. In effect, it’s actually easier to direct Facebook fans to landing pages that could result in more signups and actions.

Grow your brand by knowing how to get real Facebook likes in your business page:

Use The Like Box

Companies who have blogs and connected websites should maximize Facebook’s many social plugins to collect as many Likes as possible, without ever having to visit Facebook. In the plugin you’ll be able to see the number of likes and the details, such as who they are and other public details about them.

Invite Connections

Facebook is first and foremost a social network, and it makes sense to create relationships once you have your business page up and running. You can have employees and clients come to your page and like them, but use this sparingly as it can get you unfriended in a hurry.

Inspire People

One of your goals when posting content is to get your audience to share it. Shares give your brand added credibility, which brings in people who may be interested in what you have to offer.


Get people from other social networks to like your Facebook page when you cross-promote, or post Facebook content using short videos or infographics. More exposure means greater value!

Market Your Brand Offline

Facebook likes can be gained in the offline world. Include your business Facebook page address on printed material such as catalogs, flyers, printed ads, corporate stationery and calling cards and on your physical storefront, if you have one.

Stay Active

The key to social network success is to maintain a constant presence on Facebook. Posting relevant content should be done on a regular basis. Interact with your followers by writing comments, answering questions and helping them any way you can.

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