DSLR Camera Accessories

Every full-fledged photographer will have his or her set of camera accessories they swear by. These tools can help with stabilizing, increasing light or set up curious shooting angles and improve your skills. Some are meant to protect your investment for long-term use. Check out these 7 must-have DSLR camera accessories:

Camera Bag

A camera bag usually comes right as soon as you buy a DSLR camera because they protect your investment from everyday bumps. A good camera bag should be portable while having enough pockets to accommodate your other camera accessories.

Extra Battery

Shooting an event the whole day and can’t afford to run out of juice? An extra battery or two will come in very handy in this case.

ND Filter

It’s the secret tool of any respectable landscape photographer! ND, or neutral density filter lets you balance out exposure in sub-optimal light conditions. They’re like sunglasses for your camera. The best nd filter will allow you to capture a breathtaking sunrise in all its glory.

LCD Protector

Protect your precious camera lens from scratches with a screen protector. The best ones are those that provide a thin layer of glass protection. They’re easy to install and work well even on touchscreen displays. Measure your LCD and lens and get the right-sized one for the best results.

Lens Cleaning Kit

Dirt and dust is the enemy of sensitive equipment, particularly with DSLRs and their lenses. You won’t want a cloudy image in the most important times, so make sure to bring a small lens cleaning kit and pack it in your camera bag.


A tripod is a must-have if you’re shooting landscape, night, low light, group selfies or family portraits. Opt for a sturdy one instead of the cheapest as you’ll be placing your expensive camera under its care. As a general rule, the tripod must weigh at least twice than your DSLR.

Remote Shutter Release

Control all the shots at a distance with a remote shutter. You won’t have to push the manual shoot button, which can lead to smoother, sharper images.

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