PR outreach is an essential element in marketing in today’s digital age. It should be approached with a focused strategy and adequate preparations be it when requesting an interview with a leading influencer in your industry or attempting to secure a guest blogging opportunity. It is vital that you understand the appropriate and inappropriate actions any PR outreach.

The Do’s of PR Outreach

Research Before Pitching

The success of any PR outreach campaign is pegged on detailed research which will define the rest of the efforts put into the campaign, to make or break it. The in-depth research is all about finding the right website, media source or blogger to seo expert with for your marketing strategy or align with your brand.

You will have to options for this; the first is to familiarize yourself with search features of a media database and filtering through the search results to build an outreach list for your target market. The other option is more of a hands-on approach that you should consider if you do not have a media database in which you can use resources such as YouTube, major social media outlets, and Google for your research.

Ease Into Things

Hone on a specific list and do not rush into things; prepare adequately for what you have to do next. Start by reading the information on the various types of viable results you get, research further based on the new information and this will help you understand what the direction to take with your website, blog or channel.

Introduce Yourself

Have a good idea of the type of content they post and understand their target audience before you can introduce yourself. Why? The first move you make should ensure that you connect without appearing like you are unsure, or you are asking for something. You can comment or inquire about their content, share interesting posts on social media, retweet, or email expressing how much you like a particular article.

Come Prepared

Feel free to make an offer or a request only after you are confident that you have established some form of meaningful relationship with the source. Most industry leaders, influential bloggers and site owners get many requests on a weekly or monthly basis; so you need to be prepared before reaching out. Familiarize yourself with their target market, the content they fancy and how it resonates with their target audience.

Offer Something In Return

The days of free favors are long gone if that small thing was done for you as a favor is often done with the expectation of gaining something in return. So, play it smart. Reach out, make your request, but have something to offer in return. It should be a free product sample, coupons, and financial compensation.

The Don’ts of PR Outreach

Sending Mass Emails

Nobody loves mass emails, so think twice before sending such to bloggers and website owners; most of them can easily spot emails that are personal and those that are not from the subject line. Put in the time and effort to customize each mail you send so that it has a unique subject, introduction and closing; doing this can help set you apart from the rest.

Pitching And Ditching

Any successful PR outreach aims are building lasting meaningful relationships. Treating new connects like a one-night stand will never get you anywhere. Also, failing to get a response or getting turned down should not mean that you jump to the next source. Ride the storm, putting in more time and effort trying to know more about who you plan to approach before you make a pitch or go back to pitch again.

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