Update Your GPS Card

Gone are the days of using a map and a compass- a GPS, or global positioning system, is a much more advanced piece of technology you can use to navigate to where you need to go. All GPS systems come in with a pre-installed map, but sometimes they come in basic and aren’t updated.

Where To Get Up-To-Date Routing Info?

Manufacturers of these GPS devices usually offer updates via their official website. How you update GPS will depend on what kind of GPS unit you’re using. Moreover, simply just choosing any update is a recipe for disaster- you’ll need to find the best file within the manufacturer’s website. The first 90 days of purchase usually include free updates, but after that you’ll need to pay to continue using the more advanced navigation features.

Where To Get Free GPS Updates Online?

You may download Open Source updates to get free GPS updates on the internet. Contributors are happy to offer their updated maps free to download and use. The best part is that you won’t need to register- just scroll to your geographical area, then choose the maps you’d like to download. Open Source GPS is compatible with most popular GPS brands like Garmin, Mio, Tomtom, Navman and Mappy.

Installing updates on a GPS card is a straighforward process.

Step 1. Copy the map file you downloaded to the SD card of your GPS unit.

Step 2. Choose the GPS browser settings to accept the update manually.

If you have a Tomtom GPS, you can add new maps via these easy steps:

Step 1. To add new maps to your device, download the Tomtom GPS update and put it in a folder labeled “Tomtom” in your SD card.

Step 2. Insert the SD card to your GPS unit with the Tomtom GPS update. Your device will recognize the update and automatically install it for you.

If you have Garmin GPS, do the following steps:

Step 1. Download the latest Garmin GPS update.

Step 2. Copy the update with the file extension .img to the folder named “Garmin” in the SD card.

Step 3. Insert the SD memory card and allow your GPS unit to install the new update.

If you plan on relying on your GPS most of the time, then it’s absolutely essential to keep it updated each time a new version comes out.

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