Ethanol Fireplaces

The following section will examine the various benefits associated with ethanol fireplaces.

Clean Burning

Ethanol fireplaces burn very cleanly and don’t require a chimney. The fireplaces are usually safe for burning in enclosed spaces whereas traditional wood burning stoves or fireplaces may emit chemicals and toxins that could be potentially harmful or even fatal.

Ethanol fireplaces, however, consume oxygen, so ensure that you allow fresh air in and out of the room, typically by opening a window or a door to a different part of the house. It is always advisable to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturers for safety and setup.

No Clean-Up

Ethanol fireplaces burn very cleanly, which means that they don’t leave any mess or ash as you might have with a wood burning fireplace, where you must clean the fireplace, the chimney, and keep it properly inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Easy Fuel Storage

The fuel used in ethanol fireplaces comes in easy-to-store quarts that are not prone to attracting bugs or animals as wood is. Bio-ethanol fuel is sold at numerous home and hardware stores and even on Amazon.

Outdoor/Indoor Use, Portability

Ethanol fireplaces are usually portable and can be used both outside and inside. You can set up the fireplace in multiple spots in your home, whether it is outside on the porch, patio, or inside on a wall mount. Bio-ethanol is incredibly flexible in its use, which is a significant advantage over fixed units such as masonry fireplaces.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces give off heat, but not too much. It may be used as supplemental heat, depending on the choice of unit, but it is usually never a primary heat source.

Environmentally Friendly

Bio-ethanol is incredibly environmentally friendly, which means that it cuts down on fuel emissions thus saving the trees.

Low Fire Risk, No Embers

Easy to Fill and Ignite. All you need is a funnel to pour ethanol into the unit and ignite the fireplace using a long lighter. At the immediate ignition, there may be a sudden pop or ‘woosh’ sound, but only at the very first moment.

Note: It is important to completely clean up any drips of ethanol fuel before you ignite the fireplace.

Easy to Extinguish

Ethanol fireplaces typically have a snuffer that easily extinguishes any flame. Ensure that you don’t leave any significant extra fuel in the fireplace since it can evaporate rapidly.


Ethanol fireplaces are usually quite modern looking and may easily be the focal point of a room. The fireplaces are perfect as a set piece portion of a larger design, perfect for ambient use on special occasions of friend/family gatherings.

Inexpensive Installation

The vast majority of people that buy ethanol fireplaces don’t incur installation costs at all. Tabletop ethanol fireplaces don’t have any installation costs while the wall mounted ethanol units cost no more than hanging art pieces.

Ethanol fireplace inserts may cost quite a bit, but many people use inserts as a replacement for pre-existing old inoperable gas fireplaces or standard masonry fireplaces. You can even get these fireplaces for the table, meaning such things aren’t a concern.

Installing these inserts is much cheaper than other fireplaces.

The Bottom Line

The benefits that ethanol fireplaces offer definitely outweigh the drawbacks. The downside to bio-ethanol are less related to functionality and more about the feasibility in your home as well as the cost. Let us take a closer look.

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