iPhone Screen

So you have cracked your iPhone screen; whether you left the phone on top of your vehicle when you drove away or it just slipped out from your hand when you were calling your friend, the glass is surely damaged. If you did not opt-in for a phone insurance and also your warranty does not cover a replacement, then you have several options. Here are some practical things you can do after cracking your iPhone screen:

Look for Temps

Just because you’ve cracked your screen does not mean you have to immediately buy a new phone. Finding someone who has an old mobile phone that you can start using for a while is going to give you time for figuring out if you really need a replacement or you can repair your iPhone.

In most cases, it is as simple as just changing over your SIM card. Whereas compensation is always good to offer, you can get a good Samaritan who is willing to give a non-used mobile phone that you can use. Therefore, start posting on social media plus send out numerous emails; you might find someone willing to help.

Deal with It

If the iPhone is still working plus the screen does not seem to be at risk of falling apart completely, you can keep using it. It will certainly be annoying when you look at it, but you will get used to it. Saving the money needed for a new iPhone is always great. If you are on a contract that will expire soon, this is your best option.

Sell or Trade In Your Broken iPhone

Websites like Gizmogul, Gazelle, and Glyde will buy your mobile phone and even pay you if it’s broken. You can sell your iPhone on eBay; you will not get a lot of money for the phone, but at least you will get something that will help you buy a new mobile phone.

Also, many websites will give you credit for purchasing a used mobile phone when you decide to trade in yours. The sites will probably give you a better deal if you’ve decided to take credit rather than cash.

Perform a DIY Repair

You do not need a new mobile phone; you can fix the broken display of your phone yourself if only you have the proper instructions. If you happen to break anything else on the mobile phone, chances are you will find a DIY fix that provides instructions somewhere. The benefits of this option include affordability, and also a feeling of accomplishment. However, it has some disadvantages such as the chance of messing something up on your iPhone.

YouTube is a great place you can find tutorials for fixing your cracked screen. There are many places you can find cheap replacement screens plus other parts; for instance AliExpress, and eBay, but you have to be cautious with the latter.

You Can Hire Someone to Repair the Screen

While you have the option of taking your mobile phone to the manufacturer, you will pay much more than a fair price. If you look at the repair fees that Apple charge, you will see that they’re pricey if you are out-of-warranty.

Little mobile phone repair shops are opening everywhere; you can use Google to search the ones that are near you. You may be required to pay hourly, but an experienced technician can replace your screen in just a few minutes. Phone repair exists and it is affordable.

Scout Amazon and eBay

You can find an affordable, older version of your iPhone on these websites, but you should pay attention to what you are buying: make sure it’s working and has a screen that is functioning. If it is within your price range, then it can be a better option compared to buying a new mobile phone.

You can even find something on Craigslist; however, everyone knows how shady this option can be. That’ just a reminder that you should also look in places that are more obvious when you need replacement phones.

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