AI tech that helps track individuals and how it was used on a small Chinese peninsula

AI has been making its big entrance into the world of gaming, especially in the past few years. When AI research and machine learning has been becoming as popular and as widespread as it is. But, while most of the major gaming companies are aiming to create high-quality AI systems in order to provide high-quality gaming experiences, advanced NPC interactions and exceptional world-building, there are certain gaming companies that are using the AI technology advancements in order to achieve different results. Recently, a regulator in Macau saw it fit to decide to ban the use of AI technologies that could see it used for the benefit of the casino, as it seems some casinos were going to be implementing the technology and some had been using it in a limited manner.

Facial recognition, surveillance, tracking

These three topics have become hot button topics for international communities because of privacy concerns. But, with the help of AI, certain casinos were experimenting with tracking specific individuals within their casinos, in order to see how they would be betting and see how this might be utilized. According to certain sources, the Macau regulator decided to request that the casinos do not install the above-mentioned hidden cameras, facial recognition AI, electronically activated chips and so on, now that it became aware of the potential uses of them.

According to these sources, certain casinos were planning to start tracking specific individuals who were notorious for being big betters and direct them to tables or games that they would have a higher chance of losing. This was being done with the help of AI, which would track the movements of several thousand individuals through the database that tracked their betting habits, their faces and their favourite games. The AI was able to sift through the data of millions of customers with the help of cameras, electronically enabled casino chips, baccarat tables and face recognition technologies. But Macau decided to clamp down on this practice and now the local casinos have seized doing so.

AI and gaming in the age of the internet

It is easier to track individuals on the internet than it is to track them in person. The reason is simple – you do not need facial recognition software, you do not need digitally-enabled chips or any other significantly advanced technology in order to be able to track the betting habits of an individual, and to calculate how likely they are to lose money. All you need is their IP address, and you are able to track everything they do when they come onto their website. So, would it be possible for certain companies to utilize the same technology as mentioned above, in order to see whether certain users are more likely to lose than others? Quite possibly. But, there are regulators that have been tracking this, as well as a number of independent companies that have been paying attention to the problem. As a result, there is the Neoserf casino list, composed of casinos that do not employ this practice.

But, the story only goes to show the significance of realizing how your information is being used against you in the context of some of the things that you do on a day to day basis. Being intelligent with this information might just save you from becoming a victim to people who would try to use your activity against you. The ban in Macau is only one of the many such bans that will be employed around the world and in the world of online casino. The use of AI in order to track individuals and utilize their habits in order to gain more profit from them is amoral and not the purpose of AI or technology in general.

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