Data recovery

The files and data in our computers are like extensions of ourselves- when lost, something feels off and it gets alarming real quick. Thanks to new innovations in data recovery, it’s now possible to recover unsaved Word documents, photos and precious videos of your family or your most recent vacation.

Apeaksoft Is The Go-To Recovery Software

Apeaksoft Data Recovery software is unlike most software apps that affect your privacy. The Windows-based software is 100% safe and works on all Windows OS platforms, including Windows 10/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.

Lost files in your computer? The software can get back lost files from mobile phones, flash drives, recycle bins, external HD, memory cards and digital cameras. Apeaksoft can retrieve your lost data on any file system, whether it be FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, HFS, EXT or exFAT.

Apeaksoft supports the most common file and document extensions (TXT, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word), from popular music files, video files, email and even packaged files such as RARs, ZIPs and other data. Apeaksoft has a powerful data recovery algorithm that can even recover unsaved Word document in cases where you’re working and your computer crashed, lost power or if it was accidentally closed without being saved.

Data Recovery will not store any data saved, which guarantees 100 percent user privacy.

Quick Recovery Process With Fast Scanning Speeds

It’s important to get back lost files as soon as possible. Apeaksoft Data Recovery is faster than all other data recovery apps for Windows because of its optimized scanning technology. One of the best features of Apeaksoft is the ability to recover scanned data without waiting for the scan to finish.

Easy Data Recovery No Matter The Situation

Computers and machines that hold data can break down every now and then. Data loss happens when files are accidentally deleted, overwritten, a storage drive is formatted or physically damaged. Whichever valuable file you lost, Apeaksoft can retrieve it. You can rely on the Data Recovery software to get them all back quickly and safely.

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