Apple iPhone 8 to be exposed with Superb Features
Apple iPhone 8 to be exposed with Superb Features

It has reportedly been said that Samsung and the Cupertino-based company could be working on a deal for the Super AMOLED display screens. Yet, these features wouldn’t be found in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 with greater possibility considered to be the first.

Apple has been popularly known for ensuring the use of its traditional LCD technology for their smartphones, while remaining far behind in terms of brightness and vivid colors being better than the South Korean tech company’s screen technology. It prominently has a power-saving option for not lighting up black pixels on the screen.

It was already confirmed by Catcher Technology’s CEO Allen Horng that the iPhone 8 would come with superb features having an all-glass casing with a metal frame for staying powerful. He also added that the process will be expensive and advanced.

The Super AMOLED display would turn you crazy with iPhone attractive appearances for next year. Because it wouldn’t be the same for customers who are taking interests for which the company would be speeding up its efforts to introduce more smartphones in the market.

According to Value Walk’s report, one of the interesting features is, the iPhone 8 could expel water from its orifices for the purpose of protecting the device from water damage.

It would be undeniable to mention thatApple filed for a patent, for the new waterproofing method in order to make the device more effective and impressive will try to dry it out through the forceful expulsion of water via speaker grilles.

iPhone 8 is said to have a large upgraded 4GB RAM which will comparatively make the user interface more smooth. It is also notable that it would be equipped with new biometrics tech for which Samsung is already expected to add it into Galaxy Note 6, in the form of an Iris scanner.

A DSLR-like camera which could change mobile photography could also be added with several options for the camera-in-patterned from a real DSLR as well.

The official announcement regarding iPhone 8 is not made yet and would take several months to reveal the iPhone 7 by an official announcement. Apple is still to come with more features instead of just the superb Super AMOLED display.

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