Apps For Better Rest

Better sleep is going to impact you and help you have a better day. There are numerous things we can do.

Once you have a good bed, a good foundation like this from Macy’s mattress and a good sleep environment, then you can look for a technological solution and this can be an app. Here are some of the best.


Are you looking for a free app to help you track the amount of time you sleep, when you wake up, and gain an understanding of your sleeping patterns? Look no further than SleepBot. The app uses a simple system to track your sleeping activities by clocking when you go to sleep and when you wake up, helping you create a very effective and accurate sleeping log. Furthermore, if you do take some time before falling asleep, the app has a clock in offset, thereby increasing the accuracy of the data collected.

Aside from tracking your sleeping time, the app also uses the inbuilt sensors to track your movements whilst sleeping. The app can also listen to your voice and record sleep talking.

However, the app is not about gimmicks. The amount of data it uses can be used to improve the quality of sleep you get. For instance, SleepBot uses the data recorded to determine when you are in a deep sleep state and when you are in a light sleep state. Since waking up whilst in a light sleep state improves your wakefulness, the app sets up alarms during such times.

Furthermore, if you love your statistics, you will love SleepBot. The app creates plenty of interesting stats and graphs showing which you can use in addition to the guides section on how to improve your sleep to learn how you can improve your sleep quality.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a stripped down sleep tracking app that has been designed to specifically help you enjoy the benefits of waking up while under lighter sleep state. As such, it does not have excessive statistics and graphics that some other sleeping apps have. If you simply want to be woken up during parts of your cycle when your sleep is the lightest, this is a good option for you.

The app uses your phone’s inbuilt sensors to track your noises, movements, and sleeping position to determine when you are under light sleep state, and thereafter wake you slowly when it is the optimal time. This ensures that you wake up feeling truly rested and refreshed, full energy and ready for your day.

Sleep Better

Sleep Better has been developed by the same organization responsible for developing Runtastic. The app has been engineered to be less of a chore and more of a diary for you to use. To this end, it logs your sleeping times. Moreover, it also has a smart alarm that is designed to wake you up at the right time. Like the other apps in this list, it uses your phone’s sensor to monitor your sleeping state.

On the diary front, the gives you the ability to track your dreams (through the dream diary) as well as track caffeine and alcohol intake. It also tracks the phases of the moon.

While this might seem a little bit too much, the data is designed to help you gain insight into what makes it easy to sleep well and understand what affects the quality of sleep you get. As such, while it is demanding, it is equally or more rewarding.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Do you remember when the sound of rain splashing on your bedroom window and the roof or the car would lull you to deep sleep? Are you having trouble sleeping? Rain Rain Sleep Sound is an app that contains at least 25 natural sounds that are notable for helping people relax and for inducing sleep.

The sounds include rain on a tent, crashing waves along a beach, a distant thunderstorm, etc. you can also mix the sounds as you please. Therefore, if you fancy hearing a distance thunderstorm and crashing ocean waves, the app makes it possible. Indoor water features can help with this also and create the authentic sounds of water.

The app also has a timer, where you can customize the length of time you want to hear the noises. As the timer winds down, the noises fade away, leaving you nodding off peacefully.