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Buying online is the new trend down under and tech savvy Australian’s are now catching up with the world wide way of shopping online. While apparels and electronics seem to be the most popularly shopped for online, there is an increasing number of people shopping for prescription glasses. Australian grown company, Optically, is leading the way in which people shop for prescription glasses and sunglasses. A quick visit to the Optically website reveals the brilliant use of technology. When we think of buying glasses online, many questions pop up, but the most common question is – “will the glasses suit my face?” Optically has answered this question extremely well, and this has been a game changer in the way people shop for glasses online. The web development team at has worked extremely hard to develop a virtual-mirror to help customers see how the glasses look on their face, prior to making a purchase. Well, this is not the first time we have seen or heard of virtual mirror softwares, but stands-out from the crowd in terms of being extremely user-friendly.

With just one close-up picture, customers can see hundreds of frames on their faces. That’s right! When I used the Optically virtual-mirror, I was able to see every single frame on my face. Buying glasses online no longer seems a challenge! The engineering and product development team at Optically has worked together to ensure that every frame available online is carefully photo-finished to allow customers to see how the frame looks on the face. With all these efforts, Optically retails glasses online from just $29 including prescription lenses. Customers can choose from a wide collection of men’s and women’s glasses. Optically also stocks several designer brands and a wide range of prescription sunglasses.

Looking for home trial glasses? If you’re looking at trying on glasses in the comfort of your home, Optically offers a free no-obligation home trial service. You can choose from up to 4 frames and you will receive a beautiful home-trial kit that lets you try-on glasses in the comfort of your home or office. All you then need to do is select your pair and send the home-trial kit back to Optically.

Optically also has an eyewear studio located in the beautiful eastern suburbs of Sydney! Visit It’s really the best way to buy glasses online in Australia.

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