Avant 700 Series Review

In recent years, technological innovations have helped to boost the popularity of mini loaders all over the world. They are now more versatile than ever, making them suitable for a wide range of industries. The Avant 700 Series is no exception to this rule and this review demonstrates the benefits of the compact loader.

Avant Tecno, the company behind the Avant 700 and many other compact loaders, designed the 700 series with four key principles in mind. These were; efficiency, versatility, ergonomics and safety. It is these four principles where Avant has introduced numerous innovations to make the 700 series loader a major market contender. Let’s now take a look at the features Avant has incorporated to make this possible.


The Avant 700 features technology that helps to improve both work efficiency and work quality. A telescopic boom offers greater lift height and outreach over many rival machines. This reduces the likelihood of the operator having to use different machines for different tasks.

The boom is situated off-centre, offering unrestricted visibility to the operator. This reduces the need to exit and re-enter the loader in order to check the positioning of any coupled attachments. And speaking of attachments, the inclusion of the Avant ‘quick hitch’ system offers fast attachment coupling, helping to further increase worker efficiency.


It is versatility that makes the Avant 700 Series one of the most popular in its range. Being the second most powerful, it can handle numerous tasks involving the most power-hungry attachments. The loader can easily handle brick packs, pallet loads, big bags and bales. This makes it highly versatile and suitable for a range of industries, including both construction and agriculture.

The multi-connector system comes as standard on the 700 Series loader. This helps to facilitate the connecting and disconnecting of hydraulic hoses on a range of Avant attachments. This makes the 700 Series far more versatile than similar competitive models that use conventional quick couplings.



During the design of the 700 Series loader, Avant emphasised on the ergonomics of the machine. This has resulted in one of the best operator positions in this class. Excellent forward vision and a clear view of any coupled attachment offers greater precision to the worker.

The articulated design of the Avant 700 makes it even more manoeuvrable than other loaders in the range. It offers precise sideways moving of loads in tight situations, making it suitable for use inside stables and other animal shelters.


One of the key concerns when it comes to any type of heavy machinery is safety. The Avant 700 Series includes a range of features to help improve safety. A rigid articulation joint reduces the risk of the loader tipping over and a safety frame is fitted as standard offering all round protection for the operator.

Self-levelling of the boom also helps to increase safety, offering more precise load handling in all positions. A load sensor is also fitted as standard featuring an audible alarm that sounds if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground. This allows the operator to make preventative actions to reduce the risk of the machine becoming unstable.


With the Avant 700 featuring a lift capacity of 1400kg and a lift height of 3.1m, the loader is suitable for many different industries. It includes a whole host of top-class features and advanced technology, making it a rival contender to many other compact loaders available on the market.

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