Awesome App

Think that the world needs more love and positivity? Awesome is the newest social media app that has a novel twist. You can make the world a better place, one good deed at a time.

Awesome is an app that’s free for everyone. It works like any other social media in that you can post photos and comments, share your friends’ pictures and comment on them while staying positive. You can add friends and family as they create an Awesome account.

The social media network also gives users the ability to send Gold Coins. It has a unique feature called “Awesome Challenges” to make you and other people’s life more awesome.

Awesome Challenges

Awesome Challenges

This is where Awesome gets interesting. The Awesome app encourages kind deeds by gamifying them into what’s called Awesome Challenges.

These daily tasks can be anything from “take your spouse out to dinner” or “pay forward at a coffee shop” to things such as adopting a pet, holding the door for someone and everything in-between.

When you complete these challenges, you earn points and experience. Your Awesome avatar will have a ring that glows brighter each time you level up. Share photos and recall your Awesome experiences to get more points.

Awesome has a global leaderboard that measures how Awesome users are making the world a better place. You’ll be able to see where you are and where your friends are within the positivity app.

Awesome Coins

Gold coins are collected each day and can be used to brighten someone’s day. You can send personalized messages or gifts, e.g., in Birthdays, Love and Laughs and help them level up in the Awesome app.

The real point though, is to have an app that can record how much good you’re doing on a day to day basis. Continue spreading positivity and encourage others to do the same using the Awesome app.


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