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Summer is officially here, and we’re ready to enjoy what summer offers, especially some fun beach outings. For beach lovers who are also crazy about gadgets and gears, a beach day would be much better with interesting gears around. A festive beach towel, sunscreen, and a comfortable beach short are essentials, of course. But to greatly update the beach experience for tech lovers, here we picked our top six beach bag essentials that’ll help to avoid this all-too-common summer mishap.

  1. A high-practical and low-tech E-reader

There is no doubt that you will find endless fun around sun, water and wave. And there are times that you just want to lay down, relax and enjoy the quite reading time. Bring the E-reader Kindle, don’t need to worry about messing books with sand and water. Just bring all of your favorite beach books with you in one thin light device.

  1. A premium water-proof speaker

We are all over-scheduled and probably stressed in daily working lives. Work hard and play hard. A water-proof speaker that doesn’t need that much care so you can fully enjoy the beach time. It is impossible to have a bad time at the beach when your favorite songs are playing and setting the relaxing summer mood.

  1. An innovative beach towel to repel the sand

Yes, there is a solution to be sandless on the beach! A company called GoBreezie based on California has invented the an awesome beach towel that sticks with no sand. Even when the towel is wet, the sand will slip right off the towel with a few easy shakes.The reinvented microfiber beach towel is made from BreezyFiber™ fabric, making the towels breathable, super absorbent and sand proof. What’s even better is that the beach towel is rolls up small and layout out big. It occupies no space in your beach bag and surely big enough for you to enjoy the sun shower. The GoBreezie surely isn’t not the cheapest beach towel online but it is worth the price. Check out more on Amazon GoBreezie Beach Towel.

  1. A Portable Powerstation

Keep all of your gadgets and gear fully charged with the power bank. The portable power bank is suitable with multiple portals like the micro USB, mini USB or wireless charger. The pocket size power station can provide convenience when you are urgently in need.

  1. Waterproof housing kit for your phones

Like photographing but don’t want the bulkiness of serious camera and lens? Here is an easy gadget to turn your phone an immediate underwater camera. Try the Watershot SPLASH Housing Kit, which itself is light and compact. It seals your phone perfectly without reducing the phone’s capability to take amazing shots.

Cheers to low-stress beach times along with these practical essentials, from a cool beach towel, speaker in summer tunes or micro USB fitted for gadget lovers.

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