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Nearshore outsourcing is a process where a company outsources their tasks, such as managing IT components to surrounding nations. In this day and age almost everything can be outsourced, including core product development.

Of course, you’ll need a nearshore company that has a good track record and the skills to get the exact talent that you need. It’s imperative to find a trustworthy firm like Tiempo Development that can protect your IP while providing the following advantages:

Significant Cost Savings

Businesses must strive to improve their models and adapt with an ever-changing landscape. Nearshore outsourcing is a cost-effective solution that lowers operating costs and travel expenses. Software and development projects often require key personnel to visit partner sites. A nearshore firm reduces expenditures by incurring savings on plane tickets and hotel stays. Overall, companies get to save on the total cost of engagement required to complete a project.

Higher Level of Manpower

In case of staff shortages, nearshore is the immediate answer to bolster your ranks. If you’re suddenly beset by a huge development project, managing your team can be a difficult task.

With nearshore solutions, you can assign core members to do principal tasks while nearshore employees take care of the smaller integral parts. There’s also the possibility of outsourcing the whole project to neighboring countries that have significantly lower wage costs, and yet acquire the brightest minds and talent to tackle the said project. These program managers and engineers have the training and knowledge to build development tools, operate on the cloud, analyze big data, create mobile applications and more.

Efficient Communication

A team that can be contacted at all times can prove to be more efficient than a group operating on different time zones. Nearshore outsourcing offers this advantage, plus the benefits of having a similar culture, currency, and language. Software development becomes simpler, and work is accomplished at a faster pace. The small difference in time zone or none at all allows employees to communicate with each other and have the most pressing concerns addressed right away. More work hours mean greater productivity and shorter time-to-market schedules, thereby giving a competitive edge to any business.

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