Water Fountain

There are a lot of different benefits that an outdoor fountain can provide. The sound and appearance of the water feature whether in the backyard, a public seating area, the front yard or a private garden, could improve the enjoyment of the space as well as the health of people seeing it. If you are thinking of buying an outdoor fountain, it is important that you know what some of the benefits will be.

The Soothing Sound Of The Water

Buddhist monks have included water features in their gardens for thousands of years because of the meditative benefit that comes from the soothing sound of water. Contemporary meditation also makes use of water imagery and this is used in visualization exercises. There is evidence that the sound of running water has an impact on the mind and will help people to relax. In some cases, the relaxation offered by the fountain is so great that the person falls asleep.

The benefit of the water in the fountain can be felt whether you are actively listening to it or it is babbling away in the background. Fountains will help to reduce stress levels as they drown out other sounds in the area. This will include the noise of traffic, construction work, barking dogs and other annoyances.

Birds Love Fountains

People who love bird feeds should know that an outdoor fountain is a natural extension of the feeder you use. All birds have to drink water, use water to bath and preen which means that birds commonly visit areas that have water. There are birds which will not generally visit bird feeders such as warblers, robins, thrushes and orioles that are drawn to fountains.

The majority of birds will actually prefer running water to still water which is why a fountain is a very attractive birdbath according to Outdoor Fountain pros. Fountains will splash and trickle which makes a noise that birds are able to hear over long distances. This will help you attract birds to the area.

Pets Prefer Outdoor Fountains

Any person who has a dog that loves yard time will understand the importance of fresh water being available. This is particularly important during the summer months when your pets spend their time drinking water wherever they are able to find it. Dogs will like the constant flow of the fresh water from fountains and see it as similar to an endless water bowl. The constant flow of the water will also require less cleaning than a bowl of water which collects drool, insects and plant matter.

Customers Love Them

Foot traffic is important as a source of clientele and is something that any store needs. One of the ways to edge over your competition is to have an outdoor fountain. Salons, retail stores and yoga studios will benefit from a visible outdoor water fountain. Restaurants and bars which have outside seating will also attract new customers when they have a relaxing display of water. The pleasant atmosphere which is created by the water feature will also promote loyalty and bring in repeat customers.

Bodies And Brains Love Them

Outdoor water fountains will add some humidity to dry environments. When this happens they will also work as a natural air purifier which is able to remove toxins from the air. There is evidence which shows that flowing water will be able to naturally produce negative ions and this can have a lot of positive effects on the mood and health of a person.

The way that this works is that the negative ions will increase the production of serotonin in the body. They will also reduce the feelings of depression and boost your energy levels. Air conditioners and certain electrical devices will remove the negative ions from the air while fountains and other moving water features will be able to reintroduce them.

The Feng Shui

When looking at Feng Shui, water will play a major role. The name Feng Shui can be translated to mean wind and water which shows the importance of this. According to the basics principles, water will restore balance to the environment and generates advantageous energies. If you have an outdoor fountain in the front of the property which flows only one way, the water flow will represent prosperity and abundance.

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