Social Networks for Your Business

Sometimes it is convenient to stop and examine yourself. Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of social networks for your business? In this article we will give you a review of why it is important to integrate networks to your company. And it will allow you to think (or reformulate) the strategies and actions that you are carrying out.


Social networks increase the recognition of your brand: the audience finds out who you are, what you do and why. It is important that all this is clear by just taking a look at your information and profile picture on networks. Be direct and precise. From what you show, you can follow, contact or buy. See the brands owner Instagram followers for their profile of the Dolores fashion brand: direct, close, human.

Humanize: Use your networks (and resources such as blog articles or free eBooks) to create brand value and humanize it. You must gain the confidence of the user and go from seeing a soulless brand to see and connect with the personality and spirit of it. In that sense, endowing your brand with a voice is vital: youthful or witty or close or formal. It depends on the image and feelings you want to convey to your audience. This example from Oxfam Interment highlights the value that volunteers have for them.

Take the opportunity to tell the story of your brand. Share stories of people who use your products or services or share something your brand is doing that can have a positive response among the audience.

Take a look at the strategy that the Spanish footwear brand Malians has followed: it tells stories of different clients (whom it calls “walkers”) with interesting, artistic, social projection profiles, etc.


Social networks and great content go hand in hand. Good content needs to be shared quickly and easily. And the networks are your allies to achieve it and reach the audience you need and want.

But doing so implies having a distribution plan: what will go on Twitter, what on Facebook and what onInstagram, for example.

Take advantage of social networks to integrate your followers: do not leave aside the User Generated Content (CGU). Nothing pleases the public more than knowing that you have them in mind and value their creations.

Networks offer you excellent resources to tell stories, such asInstagramstories, Facebook or integrated images and texts, as in the example below. The key is that you know how to adapt the content to each channel. It is not about distributing content randomly. Other resources that you can start up are: contests (please be original!) Or paid ads.


Networks allow you to segment your audience and create specific ads for each network you manage. And that is one of the great advantages of social networks: you can know where your followers are, what they do, what they like, what they share, what age they have, etc. This allows you to know in depth your audience and know the exact message that will respond to your tastes and needs.

Do not think that it is enough to have this information to achieve the conversion of a follower into a client. Visiting your page or “like” your posts does not guarantee it. Use re targeting to track your visitors, create personalized audiences and then show them the ads directly.

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