Best Budget Smartphone Filmmaking kit – Must have for Beginners

You may be interested in starting your own Youtube channel, but don’t know what to do when your budget is limited. Don’t worry! You can record your very first videos with a smartphone.

Smartphone Filmmaking kit

Of course, investing in a professional filmmaking camera is always better. However, if you have enough skills and experience, as well as support from several accessories for the shooting, you will be able to produce amazing videos with extremely good quality.

Normally, the following 5 tools would be what you need to get started:

1. Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone:

If you go to Google and search “best lapel mics for smartphones”, Boya BY-M1 will appear as one of the top options for sure.

Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone

This lavalier microphone is popular for not only the price but also its standard quality. You can easily invest in a new one with just $20. It includes a 3.5 mm jack that you can connect to your smartphone or DSLR camera, but it can also be plugged into camcorders, audio recorders, or PCs.

The microphone provides us with a 6-metre long cable, which is quite convenient when you are recording a bit far from the subject. However, sometimes it can be annoying when you are running or moving a lot in your video.

Basically, all lavalier mics are designed with an omni-directional condenser, allowing them to pick up the sound equally well from every side around them. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the quality of the sound because it’s suitable for even outdoor interviews.

This device is good, it’s cheap, reasonable for your budget, but it also has downside. Although the battery life is up to 700 hours, there won’t be any light to inform you when it’s running out of power. So you will have to pay attention to it all the time during the record.

2. BOYA BY-MM1 Shotgun Microphone:

This can be considered as a brother of the Boya BY-M1 lav mic. It’s a little more expensive with a price tag of about $36. The type is different because this is a shotgun mic, which uses a unidirectional condenser to pick up the sound from only one direction.

BOYA BY-MM1 Shotgun Microphone:

You may feel it’s not as convenient as a lavalier mic since the latter can be hidden behind your clothes. However, shotgun microphone is also a good choice for smartphone or any portable camera. You will be surprised at the sound quality it brings about.

The BOYA BY-MM1 shotgun mic is packed with both TRS and TRRS cables, which means that you can plug them directly to your phone or DSLR devices. It also has a furry windshield to avoid the noise of the wind and remove it from your video. The anti-shock mount will support to reduce vibration and handle noise as well.

Beside the ability to produce loud and clear sound, this microphone has another good point. It can work without battery, so you don’t need to be afraid of when it’s going to run out of power. Sounds great right?

3. Zecti Smartphone Videos Rig:

The Zecti videos rig is sold on Amazon at approximately $22. It is very necessary especially during long-period shooting since it would be quite difficult to keep your smartphone stable. This stabiliser is a great choice to reduce poor and shaky images as well as reduce the time of editing the final video.

Zecti Smartphone Videos Rig

Zecti videos rig looks quite nice and sturdy. It comes with Cold shoe mount to help you add some accessories like lenses, lights and microphones. There’s two built-in hot shoes and seven 1/4 thread holes around the rig, so it can support most photography and video-making equipment.

There is a left-to-right adjustment and also an up-and-down adjustment so that you can make sure it fits the center of your camera. Besides, the device also includes 17mm and 37mm thread lenses, adaptable for most smartphone models from Samsung, Huawei to iPhone, even when they are covered by phone case or not.

In fact, this tool is not compulsory to have, but if you want to make your video more perfect and professional, you should really invest in one. Your video will be amazing!

4. Godox LED64 Video Light:

In addition to popular accessories like microphones and videos rig, LED light is also an essential tool that can help you to enhance the quality of your video.

Godox LED64 Video Light

As you know, light is the most important factor that directly affects the final image. Therefore, if you have to shoot your video in dark place or somewhere doesn’t have enough light, you will need the support of external light.

Godox LED64 is an ideal lighting source for video shooting. You can use it in news, wedding clips, interviews, or macrophotography. It can be purchased with only $19.36 on Amazon. With that price, obviously it’s not the best option, but it’s overall pretty good.

The light is made out of plastic, not metal, so you will need to take care of it in case it might be broken. But it seems to be solid, so don’t worry too much.

On the back, you have a locking mechanism to open up the battery compartment. It will take 4 AA batteries, making it more convenient to bring to different places. If you don’t want to use the batteries, you can purchase a DC 5V adapter for a continuous power supply, but basically the batteries doesn’t create any inconvenience.

For lighting, you will have a rotary dial to increase or decrease light intensity. You will be able to get an equivalence to sunlight settings. You can even add more light to the sides of the device, so it allows you to adjust the light as you expect.

In short

Okay, those 4 above things are the most basic tools you need to make a video with a smartphone. They are the best budget kit for video shooting. You will surely be amazed at the quality of your products!

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