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With good music and user-friendly car stereo, I can drive my sedan for hours. My name is Julia and in this article, I will explain in detail, how I found best suited car stereo for my 1965 Sedan.

Last year I bought this amazing 1965 Sedan and my plan was to present this as a gift to my father. He always wanted to buy this car when he was young, but due to our social and financial issues, this was not possible.

Now that I have started my own business and it is going well for last couple of years, it was time to give this gift to my father. Let me tell you here, that my father is a big fan of car audio accessories.

So, I decided to search on the internet for Best Double Din Stereo. Now you must be thinking why a Double Din? With a double din stereo, you can have additional feature of a video screen and in this case, my father needed one for reversing the car.

Along with a double din stereo, I managed to a get a decent pair of Best 6×9 Speakers. With a quality stereo and 6×9 speakers, I knew things were going in the right direction. Now that I have done all this, let me tell you a few of the basic things to look for:

For a Car Stereo System:

Go for a double din stereo. These double din stereo comes with all the latest features and user-friendly screen. Thanks to the technology, now you can even add Android phone or Apple cell phone with your car stereo, with just a click. You can also browse internet and watch YouTube videos on this double din car stereo.

Double Din Stereo comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 inches screen size to 8 inches screen size. The majority of companies are going for a 6.5 inch screen size that is becoming a standard in the stereo industry.

I recommend buying a car stereo that features a Bluetooth connectivity, this will help you transfer any data from your laptop or mobile to car stereo.

Must add the rear view camera. This will help you manage your driving skills.

Quality speakers are must for a stereo system and I suggest going for 6×9 speakers. These speakers perform awesome even without an amp.

Top Car Stereo Brands:

This is important, nowadays the market is filled with so-called best brands. Whenever buying any product always go for a reputed brand and read buyers reviews. I recommend only buying a product that comes with a manufacturers warranty. You do not want to end up buying a pathetic car stereo.

Here are a few top brands:

Boss Audio,

Final Words: My father is driving that 65 Sedan even today and I am on my way to my place. You can always contact me, if you have any questions related to car audio accessories.

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