gaming on linux
gaming on linux

It is not the first time we are discussing Gaming on Linux. In fact, it is going to be the 3rd update of these series. Before this, we have discussed Playing and Downloading games on Linux. And the second update was about top 10 action games for Linux. But those were paid games.

In this article, I am going to talk about top free games you can play on Linux. This article is for viewers who play games as a time pass and addicted gamers. Don’t worry even if you’re a Linux user.

Here are the top 10 best games for Linux and this list contains free games only. I personally love Action games so the list mostly contains action games.

Linux Games: Top 10 Free Games For Linux in 2018:

Note down that the list is based on random games. The numbers are not rankings.

1. True Combat: Elite

Looking for a shooter game? This game can be an addictive game for shooter game lovers. The True Combat Elite is a tactical shooter FPS game. This is a freeware game now available for the Linux operating system. For addicted gamers, this is not going to a first choice game but for those who don’t play games being crazy. this game is a good choice.

2. Dota 2

Dota 2 never needs an introduction. It’s not the first time we are talking about it. This is one of the best multiplayer Online battle arena game. There is no need to mention that this is a free game.

3. Team Fortress 2

The team-based multiplayer FPS game is a great experience for everybody. This game s now supported by the Linux operating system. And this is free to play game for Linux users.

4. Xonotic

A very interesting FPS game that everyone who loves gameplay will love it. It has 16 different game modes. This is a trip to future combats.

5. No More Room in Hell

Where are zombie game lovers? If you’re on Linux now and miss your zombie shooter games. Then this game can give you ultimate thrill and enjoyment.

6. Smokin’ Guns

A very funny shooter game that is available for Linux now. One of the best games to spear your time in gaming. This game doesn’t attract much-addicted people. But for those who love games but want to play free. This is a good choice.

7. Urban Terror

Remember the graphics and gameplay of this game? Yes, a similar game exists in your android app store. With the same name. But this urban terror is a good game for those who play games, not like addicted people.

8. Assault Cube

Assualt cube is yet another free game available for Linux. Fantastic game for both type of gamers. The addicted ones and the people who love games in their free time only.

9. Cube 2

Same as Assualt cube, this action FPS game is also much similar to Assualt cube. It is also a free game for Linux.

10. Red Eclipse

Get ready for a sci-fi action-packed game. Awesome game especially for gamers. This game can make you addicted to it. It is also free and available for Linux.

So that was the list. Hope you like it. I have missed so many free games but these games were select among many others.

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