Travel Apps

Planning on taking that vacation you’ve saved up for so long? You’ll need to be well-informed with the best travel tips as well as download the best mobile apps to maximize the experience.

Some of the apps listed here won’t even require data on-the-go, which can prove to be a definite plus.

Google Translate

Heading to a country with a language you’re not fluent in? Download Google Translate and don’t worry about a thing.

Download the language pack before you leave, then when speaking with the locals, type in what you want to say and the app will speak for you. Take a photo, use handwriting or speak a phrase and it will be translated in writing or spoken aloud.


With Pocket, you’ll be able to save articles for those long flights and delays and any pertinent information, such as restaurant recommendations, booking details and local attractions. The best part is that you don’t need an internet connection to open the app!

XE Currency

Choose from the many different currencies you have and change them to the one you need. Enter the amount and an equivalent of other currencies will show up on the display. Keep in mind that XE Currency works even without an internet connection, but if you’re selecting a currency data will be needed.

WiFi Finder

Traveling and sightseeing is a great way to disconnect from the internet, but sometimes you’ll need access especially when it comes to emergencies. The Wi-Fi Finder is an app that gives you the ability to locate free WiFi spots. You can further filter details such as location, provider and if it’s free or by pay.

Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN

When you need a secure data connection abroad, get Turbo VPN. You can use it on any Wi-Fi public hotspot, including airports, hotels and local cafes and restaurants.