Best Sites

Have a burning tech question that can only be answered by a qualified expert?

Luckily, the internet has some resources to help you on your quest. There are online encyclopedias, information databases, Q&A forums and video sites for screencasts.

Take a look at some of them below:

InfoWorld. InfoWorld is a technical analysis site on technologies, solutions and key products for buying decisions. Here, you get explanations on how the latest technologies work and how you can use them for your business. A large Q&A (Question and Answer) site that answers a lot of IT topics ranging from operation systems to programming in Portugese.

AlphaGalileo. An independent source for research news regarding science, applied science, business, technology and more. Read up on tech blogs, broadcast media, multimedia and library resources and news information here.

TechExtra. TechExtra is a powerful search engine where you can search for subject based information on engineering and mathematics data. is a unique website visits estimator that provides invaluable information, including whois data. Whois is a record listing on the world wide web, showing domain owner and contact details, if available. You get free access to a wealth of encyclopedia information, including Columbia Encyclopedia and Oxford University Press material.

YouTube. YouTube should be at the top when it comes to searching for answers to your tech questions. There are more than a thousand technology videos, and more growing each day on the Google Development channel. Here’s where you can read up on the best practices from leading experts. A Q&A website on all things Ubuntu in Portugese.

Cisco WebEx. You may know Cisco WebEx as a conference tool, but a quick visit to the site reveals hundreds of educational webinars available for viewing. Most of these webinars are computing and business-related courses. The rest are about arts and culture or the health and fitness genre. A self-education and reference tool about IT-related stuff. There are approximately 10,000 terms and more than a thousand references, quizzes and cheat sheets for visitors to wade through.

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