The addition of Instagram stories to this social media platform was, perhaps, the smartest move. They are catchy, authentic, and real – which is why most people love them and abuse them. Of course, we also enjoy watching them, don’t we? If you’re wondering: how to get Instagram followers, then using this feature could definitely help.

Nonetheless, each time you watch a friend’s Instagram Story, he/she will know. And, to be frank, there may be times when you might not want them to know that. So, what if I told you that there are ways in which you can watch Instagram stories anonymously? This is exactly what we’ll talk about today – how to view Instagram stories anonymously.

First and foremost, there is Chrome IG Story, which is a Google Chrome extension. You can use it for viewing other people’s Instagram stories without them knowing it. At the same time, it allows you to download stories, as well – if you want to watch that video or picture after it disappears. According to most users, the process is quite straightforward, making it a user-friendly tool.

Story Insta is another equally useful tool you can use for watching stories incognito. This is an online tool that is free of charge, which doesn’t require any download. Therefore, it is widely accessible and convenient. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t work on private Instagram accounts. If you want, you can download Insta stories, as well – it’s entirely up to you.

This is another app that is free of charge and really easy to use. It works really fast, as well – this means that in less than one minute, you can search and look at the account that interests you. At the same time, you can also use it to watch and download Instagram Highlights.

This app is specifically created for Android devices. Therefore, if you’re at a loss and you want to watch other people’s stories anonymously, this app makes this really easy and

achievable. Aside from that, you can save the photos or videos. Since it is well-designed, it shouldn’t take you too long to understand how it works.

Since we’ve suggested a tool for Android devices, not it’s time to present a tool that is compatible with Apple devices, right? This particular tool makes the process of anonymously watching Insta stories extremely easy.

What you have to do is insert the username of the person you want to stalk, and tap the search button. And that’s how simple it is. After doing that, you’ll have access to that user’s Instagram stories and watch them, without anyone knowing that you watched that video/picture. Similar to the other tools mentioned beforehand, you can save the story on your device, as well.

So, now you know how to watch Instagram stories incognito. And the best part about the tools included in this post is that using them is a piece of cake!

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