Best Trading Apps For Precious Metal Investing

Gold has always been the go-to precious metal when it comes to investments and for those who want to diversify. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways on how one can invest in gold, and apps that allow you to buy, sell or track your gold portfolio.

Gold Research

The app combines unique insights into the world of gold investing with references on how to strategize and maximize your investment. Inside, you’ll get to see supply, demand and drivers of the current gold market and economy. Gold Research comes from World Gold Council contributors and researchers. Trading gold is made easy by the intuitive app menu and navigation towards investment-centric content.

Gold Spot Tracker

The app provides information on where gold stocks are heading in terms of profits. With Gold Spot Tracker, you’ll be able to view price changes as they happen. Unfortunately, the live price feeds are not shown, but they’re available at the Gold & Silver Watch that’s made by the same developers.

eGold Prices

eGold Prices provide spot prices for platinum, palladium, silver and gold, broken down into several measurements such as ounces and kilos from live sources. Also, graphic info and value trackers are updated in real time. There’s also an intraday overview showing hourly breakdowns.


You get real time pricing and historical data for silver and gold laid out in a chart format. BullionVault’s content includes stock market demand for gold as well as other precious metals. Moreover, you’ll be able to trade metals as soon as you open and register.

OPM Gold Alert

Get prices of precious metals in real time from all over the globe, including palladium, platinum, silver and gold delivered straight to your iPhone. You can view prices for preferred units of measure, i.e., Pennyweight, Troy Ounce, Kilo or Gram. You can also choose time scales such as Weekly, Intra-Day, Monthly, Six Months and Year.