Bill Pay Applications

The best apps for your smart phone help simplify life’s tasks, including paying your bills. Doxo offers the easiest and most convenient way to manage your budget and finances. The bill pay app is easy to setup and offers an intuitive, simple interface anyone can learn in a few minutes.

Bill pay applications give you the following benefits:

Saves You Valuable Time

Standing in line waiting for your turn at the bill pay counter is a tedious, boring task. Bill pay apps allow you to skip the line and pay the merchant straight from your mobile phone. You can even set up pre-scheduled electronic bill payments and let the app take care of your bills each month on a specified date.

Unparalleled Convenience

You can consolidate all your monthly bills in one place and pay them all in just one go. You won’t have to go to separate websites, log in and pay using your credit, debit card or check. All-in-one bill pay apps can take care of many bills, including credit cards, your mortgage, electric, phone and utility bills.

Stay On Top Of Things

Managing your bills manually and avoiding late fees and other charges can be too much effort. An app can be your best helper in staying on track and avoiding added expenses. You can easily set up email alerts and reminders on when a particular bill is due or when it’s fast approaching. You can set payments in advance on or before the due date or when you get paid.

Better Money Management

Keep track of your payments in a paperless platform. Apps like Doxo will show you your online payment history and records of any payment done inside the system. Doxo has more than 45,000 billers for your bill paying convenience. You’ll be able to track your payment and check the status anytime. Most importantly, you get to have added peace of mind with the app’s enhanced security features.

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