Blaze4Days Developing Environmentally Friendly CBD Vaporizer

On May 1st 2019 Blaze4Days CTO confirmed the start of the “Enviro-Vape” project. A bold move towards sustainability in the CBD industry. The company aims to develop a vaporizer with 100% recycled materials and non-toxic battery components.

Recently battery technology has seen tremendous growth, and there is now a variety of “copy-cats” that are building lithium-ion batteries in large factories in China. Lithium-ion batteries are very efficient and long lasting but come with their own series of problems. If not designed properly, they are prone to overheating caused by a violent chemical reaction in the battery. If the battery is large enough, this can result in a dangerous explosion. Further, the manufacturing process for these batteries produces toxic waste. If the toxic waste is dealt with in a “green” way, then no big deal. The problem arises when new third parties reverse engineer the manufacturing process, but do not take proper precautions when disposing of the toxic waste. These practices have a tremendous negative impact on the environment and must be mitigated if we want to keep earth around for a while longer.

To this end, Blaze4Days has started developing a new vaporizer using new battery technology. They have not yet revealed which battery manufacturer they will be working with on this project. They have confirmed that the new batteries will produce no toxic waste and have much higher safety standards than the vaporizer batteries on the market today. We had a chance to speak with the staff at blaze4days on a conference call, during which they mentioned:

“We are all hippies here; we love the earth and we love nature. We hate how the industry is moving towards these batteries”

The all new vaporizer will be built from 100% recycled materials, and a battery recycling and vaporizer re-building service is being talked about.

“We are envisioning a program where we don’t let anything go to waste, from vaporizer cartridges to batteries we want to recycle all of them”

While not yet confirmed, the recycling program promises big discounts on newer products when you trade in your old and used vaporizer. This way the company hopes to reduce their carbon footprint, by not filling landfills and reducing manufacturing waste.

“There is a lot of material in an old or even “broken” vaporizer which can be re-purposed. We want to extract that value and steer the cannabis and vaporizer industry towards a greener path.”

Nobody else in the industry has show any interest in moving towards vaporizers with greener battery technology. Rightfully so, because batteries are often the biggest cost item when developing vaporizers. In order to maintain solid profit margins companies are forced to source cheap batteries. However, Blaze4Days thinks they have a solid profitability plan with this new vaporizer.

With the boom of CBD across the united states, we expect the technological advancement of vaporizer technology to rapidly increase. As more and more consumers begin regularly using CBD to treat a variety of mild health care conditions the demand is guaranteed to increase.

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