Customizing Short Links

Generic shortening links defeat the purpose of having a memorable link your viewers can easily remember. In today’s society, a short, snappy identity is key to massive exposure and success.

Sharing branded links generated via a custom URL shortener ensures huge engagement and a wider audience. Plus, it’s easy to set up compared to generic short URLs.

There are many benefits to gain using a custom link shortener:


Your reputation begins with your custom domain. Why not take full advantage by using your brand? Personalized short links provide powerful brand identity, which sets you apart from thousands of brands. You can enjoy consistent branding across all content and media.

Build Loyal Audiences

Custom domain for short links are great for projecting an aura of professionalism. The brand is there to give the reader an idea of where you’ll lead them, which in turn builds up trust. The links you’ll provide will be easy to remember, easy to pronounce and instantly recognizable. Click-through rates will shoot up by as much as 39%.

Boost Visibility

A branded domain for short links can get your business visible online. You can quickly generate a custom short link or share branded links for online posting. With a bit of marketing and engagement, your audience will re-share the link and chances are, will get re-shared by their network.

Control Over Your Domain

You can change URL destinations at any point and at any stage when you use a branded link shortener. You’ll gain greater control over your brand links even after sending them.

Analytics Information

Custom URL shorteners can give you useful insights as you’ll be able to see detailed stats such as traffic sources, number of links, web traffic and others.

Plan future business growth and marketing strategies based on actual performance data. Use Capsulink, a low-cost custom URL shortener, to get the essential tools for creating an effective business campaign.

Set up your custom domain for success today!

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