Instagram Takeover

With all of the millions of users on Instagram, businesses that aren’t actively updating their feed are missing out. Instagram itself is one of the more popular choices for audience engagement, almost guaranteeing that business with a decently-sized following will increase their brand’s visibility almost overnight.

Instagram for Businesses

Instagram presents businesses with a unique opportunity for marketing their products and services without actually appearing to advertise. With carefully curated and posts and cleverly designed content, your brand can find a devoted following through Instagram. We know that building an Instagram page takes a lot of time. Well, not to worry as there are many services where you can buy automatic Instagram likes to grow your business pages. If you’re wondering the secret to using Instagram for your business, read on.

  1. Show the Daily Grind, but Make it Artsy

While the day-to-day of your business operations may seem rather banal to you, your followers on Instagram would love a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Point the camera towards the inner workings of your company, but be sure to do so in a creative way. Explore your company culture, the inspiration for your latest products, as well as interactions with excited customers. By letting others get a look into the goings on of your company, you’ll be able to easily foster a sense of trust and openness, all while appealing to the viewer’s curiosity.

  1. Use Your Profile Intentionally

While filling out your profile on Instagram may appear like any other bio, it’s important to take full advantage of the 150 characters that are offered to you. With Instagram, it’s important to keep the most relevant information in your about me. This is the ideal place to share a recent blog post or a link to your latest products. Additionally, you can increase your profile’s SEO by using hashtags and popular keywords as part of your bio. By spending time crafting the perfect copy, you’ll be able to draw in more followers with your bio alone.

  1. Find the Best Hashtags and Put Them to Work

Speaking of hashtags, it’s important that you make them apart of your posts as well. Whether these are general hashtags or specific to your current campaign, these words act as a way to increase your reach as well as find nice audiences that you may never come across on your own. Don’t forget to have your own company hashtag as this will help people find your content on an Instagram search. Consider using industry-specific tags as well as those that are relevant to pop culture like “#instagood”.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Collaborations and Shout Outs

While your company may still be getting the hang of Instagram, there’s no better time to start a collaboration with another business. When businesses “@” or mention each other on Instagram, they are able to take advantage of that profile’s audience. Similarly, mentioning another brand by doing a shout out will help you increase your exposure, as well as that of the other company.

  1. Instagrammers Love Exclusive Content

Keep your loyal followers in mind when creating content. Having content designed exclusively for your followers is an excellent way to keep them interested. Choosing to share new services, products, events, and freebies with your IG audience first is a guaranteed way to foster an ongoing relationship with them. Once you make this a habit, your followers will excitedly anticipate your posts, hoping to gain access to your exclusive content.

Kickstart your next Instagram campaign with these five tips. With the right content and tools for engagement, you will be able to attract new followers as well as gain new customers. As your following grows and your engagement increases, you’ll see that it’s all insta-good.