Apple Hits Viral Video Chart, Google Nowhere to Be Found

In just one week Apple's What is iPad commercial jumped to the number four spot on Ad Age's Viral Video Chart. With 929,681 counted views in the past week, it...

Media and the MLB: The iPad Doesn’t Go Everywhere

SpaceKateGal confirmed last week that iPads are not allowed in Yankee Stadium. The device apparently falls into the laptop computers category as depicted below in the Stadium Security policies write...

Shrek Interactive Storybook Available For iPad and iPhone

iStoryTime and Dreamworks Animation have made so you can take a little piece of the newest Shrek movie Shrek Forever After off the big screen and onto your iPhone or iPad. ...

iPad App Store Live Internationally

Twitter is lighting up with comments from around the world as the app store appears a week ahead of schedule in countries like Canada, the UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand....

New What is iPad? Apple TV Commercial

This new iPad commercial from Apple has clocked up over one million views on YouTube after just one week. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fihOmQY-JxY

Time Magazine To Run Focus Group For iPad

Time Magazine may be preparing to send content to the iPad, but not without investing more time in research. On May 26th and 27th the magazine is conducting focus groups aimed...

VGA Adapter iPad Failure

Last Friday Jeanniey Mullen stood in front of 500 people at the New York TimesCenter to present Zinio, a new media magazine reader app designed to bring the print world to...

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