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Angry Birds: iPhone App Review

I've been playing Angry Birds for the past 5 days and still haven't managed to make it through the first level. The premise of the game is a group of birds...

Seesmic iPhone App Review

https://youtu.be/7O2Fip9aVLk After much ado and months of hype, Seesmic has finally made its way onto the iPhone and it just so happens to be the Lifehacker of all our time consuming social...

Shrek Interactive Storybook Available For iPad and iPhone

iStoryTime and Dreamworks Animation have made so you can take a little piece of the newest Shrek movie Shrek Forever After off the big screen and onto your iPhone or iPad. ...

Review of the Official FIFA World Cup iPhone Game

The World Cup is only a few weeks away, and, naturally, there has been a whole crop of World Cup related iPhone apps pop up in the app store in recent...

Official Twitter App Reaches iPhone

The official Twitter iPhone app is coming, and if you're in New Zealand as of this writing it's already here. Dubbed 3.0 in honor of its Tweetie heritage (Twitter acquired Atebits,...

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