How to Change Netflix Region

If you are paying huge amounts for the Netflix subscriptions then it is expected that Netflix should provide you with all that one should expect at that price. However, the thing with Netflix is that their catalogs change from region to region. Thus creating hurdles in your way of entertainment.

Not everyone is a fan of regional movies or shows. People do prefer watching shows and movies from other countries. But Netflix may at times not make that movie available for you. Will this be worth the money you pay for its subscription?

Also, some people are totally into their local movies or shows and if they suppose to travel abroad, they won’t be able to watch territorial movies!

Nonetheless, we are here to help you out of this. By reading this article on how to change your Netflix region, you can give watch whichever movie or show you want to watch on Netflix, irrespective of your location.

How to Change your Netflix Location?

To watch the content of any country on Netflix, all you have to do is follow the 2 step-guide given below-

Step 1:- For changing your location on Netflix, you will have to make use of a VPN. Choose any popular and reliable Netflix VPN and download and install it on the device.

You can install it simply through their official website. Some of them come free while reliable ones have to be paid for. For some, you will get a free trial period too.

In our recommendations, choose reliable, high-speed and servers of the country whose Netflix content you want to watch and most importantly the strength of bypassing

Step 2:- Once you have installed the VPN, you will have to see which country has the content on Netflix that you want to watch. Then connect to that country server.

If you are wondering, Netflix is officially available in more than 190 countries at the time of writing this guide.

Once connected to the VPN, you are all set to enjoy whichever Country’s movies or shows you want on Netflix.

Why use a VPN?

VPN is basically a service that allows you to access the internet safely by routing the connection with a server and hides your actions online. By online actions, the VPN also hides the location of the user.

While using sites sites like Netflix, they have better management for detecting VPNs. Geo-spoofing is not as easier as it used to be earlier and hence you will have to go for a reliable VPN.

If you choose any VPN merely because it is free of cost or offers a free trial period, you could end up in an error page, since Netflix detected that you were using a VPN. Moreover, there has been many instances where free VPNs found selling users data.

So make sure that you use a good VPN and then you are all set to enjoy movies and shows on Netflix irrespective of the location.

Final Words:-

You could use VPNs that overcome the geoblocks from Netflix like- Strong VPN, CyberGhost, Express VPN, Private VPN, etc.

I hope the simple two-step guide helped you in changing your location on Netflix. If you come across any doubts, feel free to ask us.

  1. It is really the best advise to avoid free VPN. It is a common saying “There is no such thing like free lunch”. I always use paid VPNs like Ivacy and ExpressVPN.

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