The Chinese Ministry of Education has unveiled a plan to protect the sight of children and adolescents, which includes measures to regulate the number of games over the Internet and new versions and reduce play time. China declares war on electronic games for securing kids from short-sightedness diseases.

As part of the plan, supported by several other ministries, the Public Administration of Press and Publishing may implement an age-appropriate reminder system, also may take other measures to reduce play time.

President Xi Jinping has recently urged more focus on the issue, highlighting the World Health Organization (WHO) data indicating that the country has the highest rate of childhood myopia in the world.

China declares war on electronic games

According to a popular online health blog, If your doctor says your child is myopic or has, he’s nearsighted. It means that objects far away look blurry to him. It might get worse during his childhood, but it’s easy to correct with. It should even out by the time he’s in his 20s and his are finished growing.

The goal of the case is to reduce the rate of shortness of sight in children and adolescents by 0.5 percent annually by 2023 and more than 1 percent annually in districts where myopia is more widespread, the ministry said.

By 2030, the ministry hopes to control the rate of short-sightedness in children aged 6 to 3 percent and 38 percent for all primary school students, under 60 percent for young students and less than 70 percent for high school students. China declares war on electronic games will also help students to work on other healthy activities.

The ministry wants parents to reduce the time children use electronic devices; make sure they have healthy sleep and nutrition schedules; encourage outdoor play; ask schools to conduct eye exercises for students every day, and limit the use of electronics to 30% of the time Total Teaching.

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