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In the mobile phone industry, Chinese mobile phone brand manufacturers have entered overseas markets in the domestic market stagnation. International manufacturers represented by Apple and Samsung, and Chinese mobile phone manufacturers represented by Huawei, Xiaomi, Glory and OV compete fiercely on the international stage.

“The year 2018 will be the best year for Apple’s iPhone sales, but it was also last year.” On June 8, Sun Yanqi, the head of the first research institute of the mobile phone industry, told international friends at the University of Michigan that new Apple products were already on the market. Restocking has already begun and it is expected that three iPhones will be launched in August. By then, dual-card dual standby iPhone will be listed, low-cost iPhone X will use the LCD panel.

“This basically shows that Apple is in a difficult position in the era of homogenization of this mobile phone.” Sun Yanxi believes that this basically announced the end of the era of Apple’s iPhone smartphone era.

Compared with the difficult innovation of Apple’s iPhone, this is a rapid technological breakthrough for Chinese mobile phone brand manufacturers.

Look at the new flagship released by Chinese mobile phone brand manufacturers in the first half of this year. Their function and performance exceed Apple’s features and performance. For example, for Huawei P20 Pro three photos and AI night photos, Xiaomi’s AI voice assistant Xiaoyi classmates the complex operation into a “word thing”, and released vivo NEX on June 12th, with a ceiling-mounted front-end. Camera fingerprint solves the problem of the opposite screen.

“China’s mobile phone brand will lead the global mobile phone market in 2020.” Sun Yanxi said. From the perspective of, we can see that the smart phones in China today are very powerful.

Leading 5G Can Lead Mobile Phone Industry

The current 5G is the focus of the entire industry. Once 5G is released, it will completely change the way people communicate and consume content.

“5G is the largest node of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and it is also one of the focuses of the Sino-US trade war.” Sun Yanxi mentioned that China Mobile operators and Huawei have a great say in 5G. “The United States does not want to lose control, so ZTE is the first target to be attacked.”

“The core focus of the trade war between China and the United States is chip and software. China now has Ziguang Group committed to overcoming short stacks, and the country also attaches great importance to it.”

In terms of mobile phones, Huawei used its developed chips on June 6th and released “Scary Technology” GPUTurbo. This technology, through hardware and software collaboration, can improve handset performance by 60% and power consumption by 30%.

“The technological advantages of China’s manufacturing industry have always been low-cost, high-yield, and future advantages will become design advantages.

In recent years, with the purchase of domestic consumers, the camera function has gradually become the focus of attention, many mobile phone brands have launched R & D and promotional selling points.

“Now, everyone likes to take selfies and then upload them to social platforms. Today, short video applications like vibrato are also very popular. Everyone hopes that they look more beautiful.” Sun Yanxi pointed out that Mito phones have been greatly affected. . The influence of some female groups. This is because Meitu photos have been enhanced. It ensures the authenticity of people and scenery, unlike the more extreme beautification effects in the past.

According to Lin Yunya, an information doctor at the University of Michigan, although Americans now like to shoot selfies and play short films, they are not so obsessed with beautifying the characteristics of the characters. “Our emphasis on mobile phones is more about hardware performance and security.”

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