Chrome 69 Brings Material Theme Design

Have you been awaiting surprises from Google? Here are some daunting changes that Google has introduced on its Chrome browser. And yes, these changes not only contribute to its improved appearance but power it with befitting features. Chrome’s 10th Anniversary looks quite happening!

Get a hang of latest revamped browser

The new development focuses on the Material Theme and the Nifty features. You will be able to figure out the difference with a closer look at the shaped, icons and the colour palette. The new Chrome 69 build highlights some of the following features such as improved password management, enhanced auto-fill, efficient Omnibox. You might also see the boosted security measures on the browser. The features are available across a range of platforms including its own Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux enabled devices.

A new face

If you are already bored with your Chrome’s desktop look, here’s some good news. Chrome 69 has a new design for all Android and iOS users. It’s improved with a modern interface that brings a fresh look to the browser. The best part is that it facilitates a more secure mechanism to enable convenient mobile payments via 3rd party apps.  With greater support for overall stability and performance, Chrome for Android 69.0.3497.76 is sure to delight you.

Did you complain of the pale background colour? It’s gone as there’s the sparkling white palette now. Now you can power up your search with the smarter and faster address bar that displays answers on the same answer panel. No longer will you need to open a new tab. Get your search alerts with the tab if you’ve already visited a website before with the redirecting feature. Customize your search with the new tab page that features a horizontal tab switcher. It also enables the PiP mode in its default settings. Moreover, each time your browser restarts, you will be requested to grant permission to be able to use Flash. The toolbar has been restored at the bottom of the app in Chrome 69.

Where can you get it?

Android users can simply visit the Google Play Store to download the updated version of the browser. For iOS users, you can check out your App Store. If you already have the Chrome installed on your device, you can use the built-in updater to update it.

Additional features

Some of the significant features of the Chrome 69 Material Theme include the following:

  1. Auto-fill feature: this enables accurate refills of your passwords, addresses and other important personal details. The details filled in are saved to your Google account enabling you to access them directly from your Chrome toolbar.
  2. The password management system creates a new password for users whenever required. This is saved in its memory so that you can be safeguarded without really having to worry. All password auto-generated is unique for every individual site, thus ensuring better security.
  3. You can create shortcuts and manage your tabs better with the new tab page and customize them as necessary.
  4. The novel CSS feature on Chrome 69 comes handy to the developers as they enable enhanced performance tracking.
  5. The startup time, memory usage and general usability of the browser looks promising.

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